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Journal Article 2002 Lu, Tracey Lie-Dan A Green Foxtail (<i>Setaria viridis</i>) cultivation experiment in the middle Yellow River Valley and some related issues Asian Perspectives (2002) [Lu, 2002 #32715]
Journal Article 1998 Lu, Tracey Lie-Dan Some botanical characteristics of green foxtail (Setaria viridis) and harvesting experiments on the grass Antiquity [Lu, 1998 #33643]
Journal Article 1999 Tracey Lie-Dan Lu, The transition from foraging to farming in China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Tracey 1999 #35459]
Journal Article 1951 Krishnaswamy, N. Origin and distribution of cultivated plants of south Asia: millets Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding [Krishnaswamy, 1951 #35951]
Journal Article 1938 Krishnaswamy, N. Geography and history of millets Current Science [Krishnaswamy, 1938 #35950]
Journal Article 1977 Brunken, Jere The morphology and domestication of pearl millet Economic Botany [Brunken, 1977 #35908]
Book Section 1983 Fogg, Wayne H. Swidden cultivation of foxtail millet by Taiwan aborigines: a cultural analogue of the domestication of Setaria italica in China The origins of Chinese civilization [Fogg, 1983 #25160]