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Journal Article 2021 Suraprasit, Kantapon Taxonomic reassessment of large mammals from the Pleistocene Homo-bearing site of Tham Wiman Nakin (Northeast Thailand): relevance for faunal patterns in mainland Southeast Asia Quaternary International [Suraprasit, 2021 #37107]
Journal Article 2006 Dierenfeld, Ellen S. Intake, utilization, and composition of browses consumed by the Sumatran rhinoceros (<i>Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harissoni</i>) in captivity in Sabah, Malaysia Zoo Biology [Dierenfeld, 2006 #26608]
Book Section 2012 Sawada, J. Mammal remains from the Hoa Diem site The excavation of Hoa Diem in central Vietnam [Sawada, 2012 #22365]
Book 1962 Davis, D. Dwight Mammals of the lowland rain-forest of north Borneo Bulletin of the National Museum [Davis, 1962 #19827]
Book 2008 Francis, Charles M. A field guide to the mammals of South-East Asia [Francis, 2008 #19835]
Journal Article 2000 Cranbrook, Earl of Quaternary mammal fossils from Borneo: <i>Stegodon</i> and <i> Hippopotamus</i> Sarawak Museum Journal [Cranbrook, 2000 #28523]
Journal Article 2000 Tuen, Andrew Alek Distribution and abundance of small mammals and birds at Mt. Santubong, Sarawak Sarawak Museum Journal [Tuen, 2000 #28522]
Journal Article 2011 Bacon, Anne-Marie The middle Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Tam Hang karstic deposit, northern Laos: new data and evolutionary hypothesis Quaternary International [Bacon, 2011 #28551]
Journal Article 1994 Musser, G. G. The mammals of the Indomalayan region: a systematic review Journal of Mammalogy [Musser, 1994 #29069]
Book 1992 Corbet, G. B. The mammals of the Indomalayan region: a systematic review [Corbet, 1992 #20357]
Book Section 1990 Kurt, F. Sambars (subgenus <i> Rusa</i>) Grzimek's encyclopedia of mammals [Kurt, 1990 #23977]
Journal Article 1999 Flannery, T. F. Mammals from Holocene archaeological deposits on Gebe and Morotai Islands, Northern Moluccas, Indonesia Australian Mammalogy [Flannery, 1999 #30194]
Journal Article 1941 Takai Fuyaji, The mammalian fossils of China Chigaku Zasshi [Takai 1941 #30240]
Journal Article 1952 Takai, F. A summary of the mammalian faunae of eastern Asia and the interrelationships of continents since the Mesozoic Japanese Journal of Geology and Geography [Takai, 1952 #30255]
Journal Article 1935 Raven, Henry Cushier Wallace's Line and the distribution of Indo-Australian mammals Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History [Raven, 1935 #30330]
Journal Article 1961 Medway, Lord The Malay tapir in late Quaternary Borneo Sarawak Museum Journal [Medway, 1961 #30381]
Book in a Series 1942 Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre Chinese fossil mammals [Teilhard 1942 #21808]
Journal Article 2006 Tougard, C. Pleistocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions and mammalian evolution in South-East Asia: focus on fossil faunas from Thailand Quaternary Science Reviews [Tougard, 2006 #30410]
Journal Article 1923 Matthew, William Diller New fossil mammals from the Pliocene of Sze-Chuan, China Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History [Matthew, 1923 #30512]
Journal Article 2002 Ciochon, Russell L. Chronology of primate discoveries in Myanmar: influences on the anthropoid origins debate American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Ciochon, 2002 #31905]
Journal Article 1998 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Ecological attributes recorded in stable isotope ratios of arboreal prosimian hair Oecologia [Schoeninger, 1998 #34334]
Journal Article 1978 Vogel, J. C. Isotopic assessment of the dietary habits of Ungulates South African Journal of Science [Vogel, 1978 #34453]