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Journal Article 2010 Oppenheimer, Stephen Comment on 'Farming and Language in Island Southeast Asia Reframing Austronesian History'  Current Anthropology

[Oppenheimer, 2010 #37157]
Journal Article 2021 Kutanan, Wibhu Reconstructing the Human Genetic History of Mainland Southeast Asia: Insights from Genome-Wide Data from Thailand and Laos Molecular Biology and Evolution [Kutanan, 2021 #36973]
Book Section 2013 Blench, Roger The prehistory of the Daic- or Kra-Dai-speaking peoples and the hypothesis of an Austronesian connection Unearthing Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Blench, 2013 #22857]
Journal Article 2007 Lustig, Eileen Words across space and time: an analysis of lexical items in Khmer inscriptions, sixth-fourteenth centuries CE Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Lustig, 2007 #28362]
Book Section 2011 Enfield, N. J. Linguistic diversity in mainland Southeast Asia Dynamics of human diversity [Enfield, 2011 #22997]
Book Section 2011 Sagart, Laurent The Austroasiatics: East to West or West to East? Dynamics of human diversity [Sagart, 2011 #22986]
Journal Article 2011 Sagart, Laurent How many independent rice vocabularies in Asia? Rice [Sagart, 2011 #28428]
Journal Article 2011 Bradley, David Proto-Tibetan-Burman grain crops Rice [Bradley, 2011 #28427]
Journal Article 2011 Southworth, Franklin Rice in Dravidian Rice [Southworth, 2011 #28426]
Journal Article 2011 Whitman, John Northeast Asian linguistic ecology and the advent of rice agriculture in Korea and Japan Rice [Whitman, 2011 #28425]
Journal Article 2011 Spriggs, Matthew Archaeology and the Austronesian expansion: where are we now? Antiquity [Spriggs, 2011 #28472]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. Across the Indian Ocean: the prehistoric movement of plants and animals Antiquity [Fuller, 2011 #28471]
Journal Article 2000 Cullip, Peter F. Language use and attitudes of the Remun of Sarawak: initial explorations Sarawak Museum Journal [Cullip, 2000 #28529]
Journal Article 2010 Sidwell, Paul The Austroasiatic central riverine hypothesis Journal of Language Relationship [Sidwell, 2010 #28624]
Book 1988 Thomason, Sarah Grey Language contact, creolization, and genetic linguistics [Thomason, 1988 #20080]
Book 2003 Winford, Donald An introduction to contact linguistics [Winford, 2003 #20079]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2009 Braunmuller, Kurt Convergence and divergence in language contact situations [Braunmuller, 2009 #22040]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2000 Renfrew, Colin Time depth in historical linguistics [Renfrew, 2000 #22039]
Book 1997 Dixon, Robert M. W. The rise and fall of languages [Dixon, 1997 #20084]
Book 2003 Enfield, N. J. Linguistics epidemiology: semantics and grammar of language contact in mainland Southeast Asia [Enfield, 2003 #20083]
Book 1994 Keller, Rudi On language change: the invisible hand in language [Keller, 1994 #20082]
Journal Article 1984 Tryon, D. T. The peopling of the Pacific: a linguistic appraisal Journal of Pacific History [Tryon, 1984 #28725]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Renfrew, Colin 'The emerging synthesis': the archaeogenetics of farming/language dispersals and other spread zones Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Renfrew, 2002 #25597]
Book (Edited) 2002 Bellwood, Peter Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis McDonald Institute Monographs [Bellwood, 2002 #21448]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Higham, Charles Languages and farming dispersals: Austroasiatic languages and rice cultivation Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Higham, 2002 #25610]
Book Section in a Series 2002 Bellwood, Peter Foreword Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis [Bellwood, 2002 #25948]
Journal Article 1964 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Pottery and the Malayo-Polynesians Current Anthropology [Solheim, 1964 #30283]
Journal Article 1964 Dyen, Isidore The position of the Malayopolynesian languages of Formosa Asian Perspectives (1963) [Dyen, 1964 #33493]