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Journal Article September 2022 Khamsiri, Sutthikan Late iron-smelting production of Angkor Highland, metallurgical site at Buriram Province, northeastern Thailand: A view from luminescence dating Archaeological Research in Asia [Khamsiri, September 2022 #37054]
Journal Article 2021 Adhityatama, Shinatria Pulau Ampat site: A submerged 8th century iron production village in
Matano Lake, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Archaeological Research in Asia [Adhityatama, 2021 #36981]
Journal Article 2018 Hendrickson, Mitch Industries of Angkor Project: preliminary investigation of iron production at Boeng Kroam, Preah Khan of Kompong Svay Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Hendrickson, 2018 #26677]
Journal Article 2018 Larreina-Garcia, David Bloomery iron smelting in the Daye County (Hubei): technological traditions in Qing China Archaeological Research in Asia [Larreina-Garcia, 2018 #26699]
Journal Article 2011 Pryce, Thomas Oliver An 8th-9th century AD iron smelting workshop near Saphim village, NW Lao PDR Historical Metallurgy [Pryce, 2011 #28279]
Journal Article 1995 Nitta, Eiji Prehistoric industries and the Mekhong civilization Historical Science Reports of Kagoshima University [Nitta, 1995 #30653]
Book in a Series 1969 Harrison, Tom Excavations of the prehistoric iron industry in west Borneo. Volume 1: raw materials and industrial waste [Harrison, 1969 #21867]
Conference Paper 1985 Pigott, Vincent C. An iron bloom from the Lawa of northern Thailand: its traditional production and metallographic analysis MASCA/Bartol Research Institute Conference [Pigott, 1985 #26512]
Journal Article 1997 Nitta, Eiji Iron-smelting and salt-making industries in northeast Thailand Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Nitta, 1997 #35532]
Book Section 1992 Suchitta, Pornchai Early iron smelting in Thailand and its implications Early metallurgy, trade and urban centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia [Suchitta, 1992 #24885]
Book Section in a Series 1988 Christie, Jan Wisseman Ironworking in Sarawak Metal-working in Borneo: essays on iron- and silver-working in Sarawak [Christie, 1988 #26218]