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Journal Article 1927 Barbour, George Geological study of deposits of the Sankanho Basin Bulletin of the Geological Society of China [Barbour, 1927 #37141]
Journal Article November 2022 Berghuis, H. W. K. The eastern Kendeg Hills (Java, Indonesia) and the hominin-bearing beds of Mojokerto, a re-interpretation. Quaternary Science Reviews [Berghuis, November 2022 #37058]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2017 David, Bruno The Archaeology of Rock Art in Western Arnhem Land, Australia [David, 2017 #22024]
Journal Article 2017 Barnes, Gina L. The search for tsunami evidence in the geological and archaeological records, with a focus on Japan Asian Perspectives [Barnes, 2017 #26928]
Conference Paper 1983 Wasuwanich, Pipob Clay deposits of Thailand Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Thailand [Wasuwanich, 1983 #26400]
Book Section 2011 Ridd, Michael F. Introduction to the geology of Thailand The geology of Thailand [Ridd, 2011 #22423]
Book Section 2011 Searle, M. P. Tectonic and thermal evolution of Thailand The geology of Thailand [Searle, 2011 #22422]
Book Section 2011 Booth, John Subsurface carboniferous-cretaceous geology of northeast Thailand The geology of Thailand [Booth, 2011 #22433]
Book Section 2005 Kamvong, Teera Geology and genesis of the Phu Lon copper-gold skarn deposit, northeast Thailand Proceedings of the International Conference on Geology, Geotechnology and Mineral Resources of Indochina [Kamvong, 2005 #22437]
Book 1968 Cox, John B. A review of the engineering characteristics of the recent marine clays in South East Asia Asian Institute of Technology Research Report [Cox, 1968 #19830]
Book 1989 Harris, Edward C. Principles of archaeological stratigraphy [Harris, 1989 #19990]
Journal Article 2014 Lai, Chun-Kit The Western Ailaoshan Volcanic Belts and their SE Asia connection: a new tectonic model for the Eastern Indochina Block Gondwana Research [Lai, 2014 #28055]
Book Section 2014 Killick, David From ores to metals Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Killick, 2014 #22777]
Book Section 2011 Barber, A. J. The origin, movement and assembly of the pre-tertiary tectonic units of Thailand The geology of Thailand [Barber, 2011 #22903]
Book Section 2011 Barr, S. M. Volcanic Rocks The geology of Thailand [Barr, 2011 #22902]
Book 1969 Jacobsen, H. S. Mineral Investigations in Northeast Thailand Geological Survey Professional Paper [Jacobsen, 1969 #20043]
Journal Article 1998 Zhang, Kai-Jun The Changning-Menglian suture zone Tectonophysics [Zhang, 1998 #28383]
Journal Article 1994 Qi, Zhang Ophiolites of the Hengduan Mountains, China: characteristics and tectonic settings Journal of Southeast Asian Earth Sciences [Qi, 1994 #28382]
Journal Article 1994 Yang, Kaihui Tectono-volcanic belts and late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic evolution of southwestern Yunnan, China Journal of Southeast Asian Earth Sciences [Yang, 1994 #28384]
Book 1989 Hutchison, Charles S. Geological Evolution of South-East Asia Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics [Hutchison, 1989 #20049]
Journal Article 2000 Metcalfe, I. The Bentong-Raub Suture Zone Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Metcalfe, 2000 #28402]
Journal Article 1998 Lacassin, Robin Unconformity of red sandstones in north Vietnam: field evidence for Indosinian orogeny in northern Indochina? Terra Nova [Lacassin, 1998 #28412]
Journal Article 1994 Intasopa, S. Petrology and Sr-Nd isotopic systems of the basalts and rhyolites, Loei, Thailand Journal of Southeast Asian Earth Sciences [Intasopa, 1994 #28415]
Journal Article 1996 Janvier, P. Une faune de Vertébrés de type «sud-chinois » dans le Dévonien inférieur de la basse Rivière Noire (Song Da),Vietnam Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIA-Earth and Planetary Science [Janvier, 1996 #28414]
Journal Article 1982 Gatinsky, Yuri G. Peculiarities of the geological structure and evolution of the paleorifting Song Da (Black River) zone in Vietnam Bulletin MOIP (Bulletin of the Moscow Society of Naturalists) [Gatinsky, 1982 #28419]
Journal Article 1975 Hutchison, Charles S. Ophiolite in Southeast Asia Geological Society of America Bulletin [Hutchison, 1975 #28433]
Journal Article 1995 Chung, Sun-Lin Plume-lithosphere interaction in generation of the Emeishan flood basalts at the Permian-Triassic boundary Geology [Chung, 1995 #28442]
Thesis 1981 Bunopas, S. Paleogeographic history of western Thailand and adjacent parts of South-East Asia : a plate tectonics interpretation Geology [Bunopas, 1981 #36344]
Journal Article 1987 Barr, Sandra M. Nan River suture zone, northern Thailand Geology [Barr, 1987 #28449]
Journal Article 2000 Barr, S. M. Petrochemistry, U-Pb (zircon) age, and palaeotectonic setting of the Lampang volcanic belt, northern Thailand Journal of the Geological Society [Barr, 2000 #28448]