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Journal Article 2021 Klassen, Sarah Deciphering a timeline of demise at Medieval Angkor, Cambodia using remote sensing Remote Sensing [Klassen, 2021 #37126]
Journal Article 2020 Garcia, Víctor Lluís Pérez Analysis of the Khmer walled defensive system of Vimayapura (Phimai City, Thailand): symbolism or military effectiveness? Manusya: Journal of Humanities [Garcia, 2020 #36810]
Journal Article 2019 Martin, Piérick C. M. Last-millennium settlement in Yadua Island, Fiji: insights into conflicts and climate change Asian Perspectives [Martin, 2019 #18970]
Book Section 2018 Nguyen Van Quang, Role of the Hoa Chau citadel (Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam) in the history of Champa and Dai Viet through archaeological results Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Nguyen 2018 #22244]
Journal Article 2005 Deloche, Jean Études sur les fortifications de l'Inde, V. La forteresse de Daulatabad au Maharashtra Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Deloche, 2005 #27464]
Journal Article 2015 Brotherson, David The fortification of Angkor Wat Antiquity [Brotherson, 2015 #27856]
Journal Article 2003 Larew, Marilynn Thục Phán, Cao Tông, and the transfer of military technology in third century BC Việt Nam East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine [Larew, 2003 #28018]
Journal Article 2014 Kim, Nam C. Cultural landscapes of war and political regeneration Asian Perspectives (2013) [Kim, 2014 #28034]
Journal Article 2006 Lape, Peter V. Chronology of fortified settlements in East Timor Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology [Lape, 2006 #28181]
Journal Article 2010 Field, Julie S. Paleoclimates and the emergence of fortifications in the tropical Pacific islands Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Field, 2010 #28184]
Journal Article 2008 Lape, Peter V. Fortification as a human response to late Holocene climate change in East Timor Archaeology in Oceania [Lape, 2008 #28183]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Yasuda, Yoshinori Discovery of the Yangtze River Civilization in China Water civilization: from Yangtze to Khmer civilizations [Yasuda, 2013 #25477]
Book Section 1984 Baker, Piers New work on Shahr-i Zohak, Afghanistan: a summary South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Baker, 1984 #23339]
Journal Article 1994 Deloche, Jean Études sur les fortifications de l'Inde II. Les monts fortifiés du Maisur méridional (Ière partie) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Deloche, 1994 #29274]
Journal Article 1948 Lal, B. B. Sisulpalgargh 1948: an early historical fort in eastern India Ancient India [Lal, 1948 #29410]
Journal Article 1993 Coningham, R. A. E. Anuradhapura Citadel Archaeological Project: preliminary results of the excavation of the southern rampart South Asian Studies [Coningham, 1993 #29845]
Journal Article 2003 Allen, S. Jane Support for a gusuku: paleoenvironmental evidence from a transformed Okinawan landscape Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Allen, 2003 #31205]
Book Section 2002 Tran Van Quy The Quy Hop archive: Vietnamese-Lao relations reflected in border-post documents dating from 1619 to 1880 Breaking new ground in Lao history: essays on the seventh to twentieth centuries [Tran 2002 #24320]
Journal Article 1996 Sand, Christophe Structural remains as markers of complex societies in southern Melanesia during prehistory: the case of the monumental forts of Maré Island (New Caledonia) Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Sand, 1996 #31738]
Journal Article 1992 Deloche, Jean Étude sur les fortifications de l'Inde. I. Les fortifications de l'Inde ancienne Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Deloche, 1992 #32033]
Journal Article 1995 Deloche, Jean Études sur les fortifications de l'Inde. II: Les monts fortifiés du Maisur méridional (II partie) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Deloche, 1995 #32024]
Journal Article 1998 Field, Julie S. Natural and constructed defenses in Fijian fortifications Asian Perspectives (1998) [Field, 1998 #32793]
Journal Article 2002 Grave, Peter Dating the city wall, fortifications, and the palace site at Pagan Asian Perspectives (2001) [Grave, 2002 #32728]