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Journal Article 2014 Hung, Hsiao-chun Foragers, fishers and farmers: origins of the Taiwanese Neolithic Antiquity [Hung, 2014 #26972]
Journal Article 2011 Barker, Graeme Foraging-farming transitions at the Niah Caves, Sarawak, Borneo Antiquity [Barker, 2011 #28473]
Journal Article 1993 Bellwood, Peter S. Cultural and biological differentiation in peninsular Malaysia: the last 10,000 years Asian Perspectives (1993) [Bellwood, 1993 #32914]
Journal Article 1996 Novotny, Rachel Nutritional status of women in a Sago-based foraging environment in eastern Indonesia Cakalele: Journal of Maluku Studies [Novotny, 1996 #28913]
Journal Article 1991 Endicott, Kirk The possibility of independent foraging in the rain forest of peninsular Malaysia Human Ecology [Endicott, 1991 #30215]
Journal Article 2002 Nagaoka, Lisa The effects of resource depression on foraging efficiency, diet breadth, and patch use in southern New Zealand Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Nagaoka, 2002 #32513]
Journal Article 2003 Terrell, John Edward Domesticated landscapes: the subsistence ecology of plant and animal domestication Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Terrell, 2003 #30699]
Journal Article 2014 Pawlik, Alfred F. Adaptation and foraging from the Terminal Pleistocene to the Early Holocene: Excavation at Bubog on Ilin Island, Philippines Journal of Field Archaeology [Pawlik, 2014 #27692]
Journal Article 2017 Venkataraman, Vivek V. Hunter-gatherer residential mobility and the marginal value of rainforest patches PNAS [Venkataraman, 2017 #27386]
Journal Article 1990 Bellwood, Peter Foraging towards farming: a decisive transition or a millennial blur? Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1990 #29955]
Journal Article 1984 Rowley-Conwy, Peter Postglacial foraging and early farming economies in Japan and Korea: a West European perspective World Archaeology [Rowley-Conwy, 1984 #28883]