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BAR Book 2020 Canilao, Michael Armand P. Remote sensing the margins of the gold trade: Ethnohistorical archaeology and GIS analysis of five gold trade networks in Luzon, Philippines, in the last millennium BP [Canilao, 2020 #36985]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Parker, Bradley J. Geographies of Power: Territoriality and Empire during the Mesopotamian Iron Age Territoriality in Archaeology [Parker, 2013 #25184]
Journal Article 2016 Dixon, Boyd Okinawa as transported landscape: understanding Japanese archaeological remains on Tinian using Ryūkyū ethnohistory and ethnography Asian Perspectives (2015) [Dixon, 2016 #26845]
Book Section 2013 Lubeigt, Guy Pagan, a hinterland port-city in medieval Burma: a new geographic approach Unearthing Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Lubeigt, 2013 #22842]
Journal Article 2010 Lipo, Carl P. A.D. 1680 and Rapa Nui prehistory Asian Perspectives (2009) [Lipo, 2010 #28460]
Journal Article 2000 Michaud, Jean The montagnards and the state in northern Vietnam from 1802 to 1975: a historical overview Ethnohistory [Michaud, 2000 #28655]
Book 1982 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Sons of the mountains: ethnohistory of the Vietnamese central highlands to 1954 [Hickey, 1982 #20095]
Book 1982 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Free in the forest: ethnohistory of the Vietnamese central highlands, 1954-1976 [Hickey, 1982 #20094]
Book 1986 Dmith, Anthony D. The ethnic origins of nations [Dmith, 1986 #20172]
Book Section 1993 Spriggs, Matthew The current relevance of ethnohistorical and archaeological systems Traditional ecological knowledge: wisdom for sustainable development [Spriggs, 1993 #23618]
Journal Article 1996 Bui Thi Tan, Nghe luyen sat cua mot lang Viet o thoi Nguyen [ Iron fabrication in a Viet village in Nguyen Dynasty ] Khao Co Hoc [Bui 1996 #30839]
Journal Article 1980 Casteel, Richard W. Estimated Ainu population density on the Island of Hokkaido: a test of the P<sub>max(2)</sub> model Asian Perspectives (1978) [Casteel, 1980 #33123]
Journal Article 1982 Chesnov, Y.V. Ethnocultural history of Southeast Asia as based on the materials of the 14th Pacific Sciences Congress (Khabarovsk, August 1979) Asian Perspectives (1979) [Chesnov, 1982 #33102]
Journal Article 1995 Conte, Eric Review of "Early observations of Marquesan culture, 1595-1813" by Edwin N. Ferdon Asian Perspectives (1995) [Conte, 1995 #32836]
Journal Article 1998 Aswani, Shankar The Tongan maritime expansion: a case in the evolutionary ecology of social complexity Asian Perspectives (1998) [Aswani, 1998 #32786]
Journal Article 1998 Ladefoged, Thegn N. Spatial similarities and change in Hawaiian architecture: the expression of ritual offering and <i>Kapu</i> in <i>Luakini Heiau</i>, residential complexes, and houses Asian Perspectives (1998) [Ladefoged, 1998 #32784]
Journal Article 1979 Chandler, David P. Folk memories of the decline of Angkor in nineteenth-century Cambodia: the legend of the leper king Journal of the Siam Society [Chandler, 1979 #34271]
Book 1957 Conklin, Harold C. Hanunoo agriculture: a report on an integral system of shifting cultivation in the Philippines [Conklin, 1957 #21149]
Book 1980 Conklin, Harold C. Ethnographic atlas of Ifugao: a study of environment, culture, and society in northern Luzon [Conklin, 1980 #21148]
Manuscript 1990 O'Connor, Richard A. Southeast Asia as a region: debate, traditions & the Tai [O'Connor, 1990 #36093]
Journal Article 2000 Mahirta, The development of the Mare pottery tradition in the northern Moluccas Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Mahirta, 2000 #35172]
Book Section 1978 Shiratori, Yoshiro Ethno-historical investigation of Yao tribe Ethnography of the Hill Tribes of Southeast Asia, abridged translation of Tonan Ajia Sanchi Minzokushi: Yao to Sono Rinsetsu Shoshuzoku [Shiratori, 1978 #24785]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1994 Wyatt, David K. The Nan Chronicle [Wyatt, 1994 #22106]
Book Section in a Series 1996 Bronson, Bennet Metals, specialization, and development in early eastern and southern Asia Craft specialization and social evolution: in memory of V. Gordon Childe [Bronson, 1996 #26207]
Journal Article 1992 Bowie, Katherine A. Unravelling the myth of the subsistence economy: textile production in nineteenth-century northern Thailand Journal of Asian Studies [Bowie, 1992 #35553]
Book 1981 Frédéric, Louis La Vie Quotidienne dans la Péninsule Indochinoise a l'époque d'angkor (800-1300) [Frédéric, 1981 #21230]
Book 1975 Osborne, Milton River Road to China: The Mekong River Expedition, 1866-73 [Osborne, 1975 #21223]
Journal Article 1926 Chhibber, Harbans Lal The extinct iron industry of the neighbourhood of Mount Popa, Upper Burma, with notes on the microscopic study of the slags Journal Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Chhibber, 1926 #35631]
Book Section 1985 Sethaput, Vija Historical activities on geology and mineral resources development of northeastern Thailand Proceedings of the Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources Development of the Northeast Thailand [Sethaput, 1985 #24913]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Smith, M. A. Seed gathering in inland Australia: current evidence from seed-grinders on the antiquity of the ethnohistorical pattern of exploitation Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Smith, 1989 #26287]