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Book 2001 Just, Peter Dou Donggo justice: conflict and morality in an Indonesia society [Just, 2001 #19905]
Book 2001 Hanks, Jane R. Tribes of the north Thailand frontier Yale University Southeast Asia Studies, Monograph Series [Hanks, 2001 #19912]
Book 1976 LeBar, Frank M. Insular Southeast Asia: ethnographic studies HRAFlex Books. Ethnography series. [LeBar, 1976 #19965]
Book 1973 Howells, W. W. The Pacific Islanders [Howells, 1973 #20058]
Book 2011 Fjelstad, Karen Spirits without borders: Vietnamese spirit mediums in a transnational age [Fjelstad, 2011 #20061]
Book 2005 Bouté, Vanina En miroir du pouvoir. Les Phounoy du nord Laos: ethnogenèse et dynamiques d'intégration [Bouté, 2005 #20085]
Book 2008 Baird, Ian G. People, livelihoods, and development in the Xekong River Basin, Laos [Baird, 2008 #20087]
Book 2004 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of Australia: culture and diaspora [Tapp, 2004 #20088]
Book 2001 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of China: context, agency and the imaginary [Tapp, 2001 #20090]
Book 2000 Michaud, Jean Turbulent times and enduring peoples: mountain minorities in the South-East Asian massif [Michaud, 2000 #20091]
Book 2002 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Window on a war: an anthropologist in the Vietnam conflict [Hickey, 2002 #20092]
Book 2003 Salemink, Oscar The ethnography of Vietnam's central highlanders: a historical contextualization, 1850-1990 Anthropology of Asia [Salemink, 2003 #20096]
Book 1986 Tapp, Nicholas The Hmong of Thailand: opium people of the Golden Triangle [Tapp, 1986 #20100]
Book 1883 Ma, Tuan-lin Ethnographie des peuples étrangers à la Chine [Ma, 1883 #20134]
Book 1986 Dmith, Anthony D. The ethnic origins of nations [Dmith, 1986 #20172]
Book 1894 Ratzel, Friedrich Völkerkunde [Ratzel, 1894 #20217]
Book 2006 Michaud, Jean Historical dictionary of the peoples of the Southeast Asian massif [Michaud, 2006 #20226]
Book 1969 Pinto, Fernao Mendes The voyages and adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto [Pinto, 1969 #20244]
Book 1951 Zhou, Daguan Mémoires sur les coutumes du Cambodge de Tcheou Ta-kouan. [Zhou, 1951 #20255]
Book 1999 Chazée, Laurent The peoples of Laos: Rural and ethnic diversities [Chazée, 1999 #20379]
Book 1977 Chang, Kwang-chih Food in Chinese culture: anthropological and historical perspectives [Chang, 1977 #20696]
Book 1896 Carey, Bertram S. The Chin Hills: a history of the people, our dealings with them, their customs and manners, and a gazetteer of their country [Carey, 1896 #20712]
Book 1970 Breeks, James Wilkinson An account of the primitive tribes and monuments of the Nilagiris [Breeks, 1970 #20729]
Book 1903 Blair, Emma Helen The Philippine islands, 1493-1803: explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the Catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, econom [Blair, 1903 #20743]
Book 1954 Basham, A. L. The wonder that was India: a survey of the history and culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims [Basham, 1954 #20758]
Book 1934 Andersson, J. G. Children of the yellow earth [Andersson, 1934 #20774]
Book 2001 Baer, Adela S. Minority cultures of peninsular Malaysia: survivals of indigenous heritage [Baer, 2001 #20793]
Book 2003 Simana, Suksavang Kmhmu' livelihood: farming the forest [Simana, 2003 #20803]
Book 1997 Schiller, Anne Small sacrifices: religious change and cultural identity among the Ngaju of Indonesia [Schiller, 1997 #20804]
Book 1962 Patya Saihoo The hill tribes of Northern Thailand : a study [Patya 1962 #20809]