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Book 1906 Skeat, Walter William Pagan races of the Malay Peninsula [Skeat, 1906 #20819]
Book 1987 Chan Moly Sam Khmer court dance: a comprehensive study of movements, gestures, and postures as applied techniques [Chan 1987 #20842]
Book 1944 Lasker, Bruno Peoples of South-east Asia [Lasker, 1944 #20906]
Book 1950 Embree, John F. Bibliography of the peoples and cultures of mainland Southeast Asia [Embree, 1950 #20938]
Book 1960 Kaufman, Howard Keva Bangkhuad [Kaufman, 1960 #20945]
Book 1966 Jones, L. W. The population of Borneo, a study of the peoples of Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei [Jones, 1966 #20947]
Book 1964 Hanks, Lucien M. A report on tribal peoples in Chiengrai Province north of the Mae Kok River [Hanks, 1964 #20948]
Book 1976 Hicks, David Tetum ghosts and kin: fieldwork in an Indonesian community [Hicks, 1976 #20961]
Book 1964 Hickey, Gerald C. Village in Vietnam [Hickey, 1964 #20962]
Book 1912 Hose, Charles The pagan tribes of Borneo [Hose, 1912 #21052]
Book 1994 Sudham, Piera People of Esarn [Sudham, 1994 #21066]
Book 1998 Jacobs, Julian The Nagas. Hill peoples of northeast India: society, culture, and the colonial encounter [Jacobs, 1998 #21067]
Book 2000 Schliesinger, Joachim Ethnic groups of Thailand: non-Thai-speaking peoples [Schliesinger, 2000 #21070]
Book 1968 Binney, George A. The social and economic organization of two White Meo communities in northern Thailand [Binney, 1968 #21089]
Book 1949 Belo, Jane Bali: Rangda and Barong [Belo, 1949 #21099]
Book 1958 Bateson, Gregory Naven: a survey of the problems suggested by a composite picture of the culture of a New Guinea tribe drawn from three points of view [Bateson, 1958 #21103]
Book 1979 Schlegel, Stuart Tiruray subsistence: from shifting cultivation to plow agriculture [Schlegel, 1979 #21141]
Book 1978 Rubel, Paula G. Your own pigs you may not eat: a comparative study of New Guinea societies [Rubel, 1978 #21142]
Book 1980 Rosaldo, Renato Ilongot headhunting 1883-1974: a study in society and history [Rosaldo, 1980 #21143]
Book 1984 Rappaport, Roy A. Pigs for the ancestors [Rappaport, 1984 #21144]
Book 1990 Rai, Navin K. Living in a lean-to: Philippine Negrito foragers in transition [Rai, 1990 #21145]
Book 1905 Jenks, Albert E. Bontoc Igorot [Jenks, 1905 #21146]
Book 1977 Judd, Laurence C. Chao Rai Thai: dry rice farmers in northern Thailand [Judd, 1977 #21195]
Book 1991 McKinnon, Susan From a Shattered Sun: Hierarchy, Gender and Alliance in the Tanimbar Islands [McKinnon, 1991 #21224]
Book 1961 Delvert, Jean Le Paysan Cambodgien [Delvert, 1961 #21231]
Book 1991 Sibeth, Achim The Batak: peoples of the islands of Sumatra [Sibeth, 1991 #21243]
Book 1954 Leach, E. R. Political systems of highland Burma: a study of Kachin social structure [Leach, 1954 #21255]
Book 1927 Evans, Ivor H. N. Papers on the ethnology and archaeology of the Malay Peninsula [Evans, 1927 #21259]
Book 1970 Tambiah, S. J. Buddhism and the spirit cults of northeast Thailand [Tambiah, 1970 #21262]
Book 1977 Condominas, Georges We have eaten the forest: the story of a Montagnard village in the central highlands of Vietnam [Condominas, 1977 #21280]