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Book (Edited) 1963 Barrau, Jacques Plants and the migrations of Pacific peoples [Barrau, 1963 #21589]
Book Section 1968 Barrau, Jacques L'humide et le sec: an essay on ethnobiological adaptation to contrastive environments Contrastive environments in the Indo-Pacific area [Barrau, 1968 #24558]
Journal Article 1965 Barrau, Jacques Witness of the past: notes on some food plants of Oceania Ethnology [Barrau, 1965 #33895]
Manuscript Barrau, Jacques An ethnobotanical guide for anthropological research in Malayo-Oceania (preliminary draft) [Barrau, #36101]
Journal Article 2004 Blench, Roger Fruits and arboriculture in the Indo-Pacific Region Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Blench, 2004 #30550]
Journal Article 1988 Chang, Te-Tzu The ethnobotany of rice in insular Southeast Asia Asian Perspectives (1984-1985) [Chang, 1988 #33042]
Journal Article 1970 Condominas, Georges From the rice-field to the Miir Social Sciences Informamtion (Interdisciplinary Research) [Condominas, 1970 #35693]
Journal Article 1967 Conklin, Harold C. Ifugao ethnobotany 1905-1965: the 1911 Beyer-Merrill report in perspective Economic Botany [Conklin, 1967 #27888]
Book Section 2001 Dentan, Robert Knox Semai-Malay ethnobotany: Hindu influences on the trade in sacred plants, ho hiang Minority cultures of peninsular Malaysia: survivals of indigenous heritage [Dentan, 2001 #23963]
Journal Article 1991 Ellen, Roy Nuaulu betel chewing: ethnobotany, technique and cultural significance Cakalele: Journal of Maluku Studies [Ellen, 1991 #28919]
Journal Article 1986 Gianno, Rosemary Resin classification among the Semelai of Tasek Bera, Pahang, Malaysia Economic Botany [Gianno, 1986 #35624]
Journal Article Gianno, Rosemary The exploitation of resinous products in a lowland Malayan forest Wallaceana [Gianno, #35625]
Book 1972 Herklots, Geoffrey Alton Craig Vegetables in Southeast Asia [Herklots, 1972 #20963]
Book 1979 Hui-Lin, Li Nan-fang ts'ao-mu chuang. A fourth century flora of Southeast Asia: introduction, translation, commentaries [Hui-Lin, 1979 #21250]
Book 1990 Jacquat, Christine Plants from the markets of Thailand [Jacquat, 1990 #19978]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Jones, Rhys Plant foods of the Gidjingali: ethnographic and archaeological perspectives from northern Australia on tuber and seed exploitation Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Jones, 1989 #26293]
Journal Article 1974 Keng, Hsuan Economic plants of ancient North China as mentioned in the Shih Ching (Book of Poetry) Economic Botany [Keng, 1974 #36018]
Journal Article 1998 Kunarattanapuk, Kiatirat Yearly household record of food from the forest for home consumption by rural villagers in north-east Thailand Food and Nutrition Bulletin [Kunarattanapuk, 1998 #30677]
Journal Article 1978 Maloney, Bernard K. Toba Batak ethnobotany Indonesia Circle [Maloney, 1978 #35712]
Book in a Series 1971 Martin, Marie A. Introduction à l'ethnobotanique du Cambodge [Martin, 1971 #21969]
Book Section 1998 Nguyên Xuân Hiên, Rice remains from various archaeological sites in North and South Vietnam Southeast Asian Archaeology 1996: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, Leiden, 2-6 September 1996 [Nguyên 1998 #23526]
Book 1972 Pongpangan, Somchit Edible and poisonous plants in Thai forests [Pongpangan, 1972 #21249]
Book 1948 Royal Forest Department (Siam) Siamese plant names [Royal 1948 #20825]
Book 1948 Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand Siamese plant names. Part 1: botanical names - local names [Royal 1948 #21247]
Book 1980 Smitinand, Tem Thai plant names (botanical names - vernacular names) [Smitinand, 1980 #21246]
Journal Article 1999 Somnasang, Prapimporn Indigenous knowledge of wild food hunting and gathering in north-east Thailand Food and Nutrition Bulletin [Somnasang, 1999 #30678]
Book 2001 Thorel, Clovis Agriculture and Ethnobotany of the Mekong Basin. The Mekong Exploration Commission Report (1866-1868)-Volume 4 [Thorel, 2001 #21061]
Journal Article 2018 Weisskopf, Alison Elusive wild foods in South East Asian subsistence: modern ethnography and archaeological phytoliths Quaternary International [Weisskopf, 2018 #26739]
Journal Article 2019 White, Chantel Rice carbonization and the archaeobotanical record: experimental results from the Ban Chiang ethnobotanical collection, Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [White, 2019 #26670]
Journal Article 2014 Whitney, Cory William Conservation and ethnobotanical knowledge of a Hmong community in Long Lan, Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic Ethnobotany Research and Applications [Whitney, 2014 #27921]