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Journal Article 2020 Wang, Qian
Interactions between climate change and early agriculture in SW China and their effect on lake ecosystem functioning at centennial timescales over the last 2000 years Quaternary Science Reviews [Wang, 2020 #19615]
Book 2011 Santasombat, Yos The River of Life: Changing Ecosystems of the Mekong Region [Santasombat, 2011 #19721]
Book 1990 Richardson, S. D. Forests and forestry in China: changing patterns of resource development [Richardson, 1990 #19974]
Book 1983 Kira Tatsuo Nettairin no seitai [Kira 1983 #20259]
Book 2006 Piperno, Dolores, R. Phytoliths: a comprehensive guide for archaeologists and paleoecologists [Piperno, 2006 #20275]
Book 1993 Arnold, Dean E. Ecology and ceramic production in an Andean community [Arnold, 1993 #20283]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Book 1967 Dobby, Earnest Henry George Southeast Asia [Dobby, 1967 #21119]
Book 1998 Kormondy, Edward J. Fundamental of human ecology [Kormondy, 1998 #21122]
Book 1967 Holdridge, L. R. Life zone ecology [Holdridge, 1967 #21125]
Book 1982 Moran, Emilio F. Human adaptability: an introduction to ecological anthropology [Moran, 1982 #21129]
Book 1962 Pendleton, R. L. Thailand, aspects of landscape and life [Pendleton, 1962 #21131]
Book 1976 Goody, J. Production and reproduction [Goody, 1976 #21134]
Book 1986 Forman, Richard T. T. Landscape Ecology [Forman, 1986 #21234]
Book 1983 Pianka, Eric R. Evolutionary ecology [Pianka, 1983 #21310]
Book (Edited) 1985 Hutterer, Karl L. Cultural values and human ecology in Southeast Asia [Hutterer, 1985 #21606]
Book in a Series 1935 Steenis, C. G. G. J. van On the origin of the Malaysian mountain flora [Steenis, 1935 #21779]
Book Section 1997 Neiman, Fraser Conspicuous Consumption as Wasteful Advertising: a Darwinian Perspective on Spatial Patterns in Classic Maya Terminal Monument Dates Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Neiman, 1997 #22142]
Book Section 1988 Rambo, A. Terry Why are the Semang? Ecology and ethnogenesis of aboriginal groups in peninsular Malaysia Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Rambo, 1988 #22578]
Book Section 2005 Sajise, Percy E. Biodiversity conservation in the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, Laguna, Luzon Conserving nature in culture: case studies from Southeast Asia [Sajise, 2005 #22592]
Book Section 2009 Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R. The wooden posts of Opol church ruins, Misamis Oriental Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists [Ceron, 2009 #22709]
Book Section 1992 Masson, V. M. The environment History of civilizations of Central Asia [Masson, 1992 #23417]
Book Section 2007 Chaimanee, Y. Late Pleistocene of Southeast Asia Encyclopedia of quaternary science [Chaimanee, 2007 #23421]
Book Section 1965 Matson, F. Ceramic ecology: an approach to the study of the early cultures of the Near East Ceramics and man [Matson, 1965 #23492]
Book Section 1997 Spriggs, Matthew Landscape catastrophe and landscape enhancement: are either or both true in the Pacific? Historical ecology in the Pacific Islands: prehistoric environmental and landscape change [Spriggs, 1997 #23606]
Book Section 1994 Michener, R. H. Stable isotope ratios as tracers in marine aquatic food webs Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science [Michener, 1994 #24451]
Book Section 1994 Crumley, Carole L. Historical ecology: a multidimensional ecological orientation Historical ecology: cultural knowledge and changing landscapes [Crumley, 1994 #24575]
Book Section 1996 Reitz, J. Elizabeth Issues in environmental archaeology Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology [Reitz, 1996 #24593]
Book Section 1984 Kaida, Y. Climate and agricultural land use in Thailand Climate and agricultural land use in monsoon Asia [Kaida, 1984 #24616]
Book Section 1996 Brown, Peter J. Disease, ecology, and human behavior Medical anthropology: a handbook of theory and method [Brown, 1996 #24637]