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Book Section in a Series 1979 Jochim, Michael A. Breaking down the system: recent ecological approaches in archaeology Advances in archaeological method and theory [Jochim, 1979 #25599]
Book Section in a Series 1980 Hardesty, Donald L. The use of general ecological principles in archaeology Advances in archaeological method and theory [Hardesty, 1980 #26100]
Journal Article 2005 Redman, Charles L. Resilience theory in archaeology American Anthropologist [Redman, 2005 #28082]
Journal Article 2002 Sosis, Richard Patch choice decisions among Ifaluk fishers American Anthropologist [Sosis, 2002 #33743]
Journal Article 1962 Baker, Paul T. The application of ecological theory in anthropology American Anthropologist [Baker, 1962 #34797]
Journal Article 1997 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Stable isotope ratios indicate diet and habitat use in New World monkeys American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Schoeninger, 1997 #34522]
Journal Article 1976 Hoyme, L. E. S. Ecology of dental disease American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Hoyme, 1976 #34660]
Journal Article 2001 Saha, Sonali The bamboo fire cycle hypothesis: a comment American Naturalist [Saha, 2001 #28794]
Journal Article 1997 Polis, Gary A. Toward an integration of landscape and food web ecology: the dymanics of spatially subsidized food webs Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Polis, 1997 #30080]
Journal Article 1997 Leibold, Matthew A. Species turnover and the regulation of trophic structure Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Leibold, 1997 #30102]
Journal Article 1964 Lin, C. C. Geology and ecology of Taiwan prehistory Asian Perspectives (1963) [Lin, 1964 #33495]
Journal Article 1981 Dewar, Robert Ecological context and the prehistory of the West Central Taiwan coast Asian Perspectives (1978) [Dewar, 1981 #33111]
Journal Article 1980 Pearson, Richard Excavations on Kume and Iriomote, Ryukyu Islands Asian Perspectives (1978) [Pearson, 1980 #33120]
Journal Article 1998 Aswani, Shankar The Tongan maritime expansion: a case in the evolutionary ecology of social complexity Asian Perspectives (1998) [Aswani, 1998 #32786]
Journal Article 1988 Mohanty, Pradeep Five seasons of exploration in Keonjhar District, Orissa Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Mohanty, 1988 #29160]
Journal Article 2000 Harrison, Terry Archaeological and ecological implications of the primate fauna from prehistoric sites in Borneo Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Harrison, 2000 #35184]
Journal Article 1952 Matsuo, Takane Genetic and ecological studies on cultivated rice Bulletin of the National Institute of Agricultural Science, Japan [Matsuo, 1952 #29290]
Journal Article 2000 Kelly, Jeffrey F. Stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen in the study of avian and mammalian trophic ecology Canadian Journal of Zoology [Kelly, 2000 #34357]
Book Section 1996 Reitz, J. Elizabeth Issues in environmental archaeology Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology [Reitz, 1996 #24593]
Book Section 1965 Matson, F. Ceramic ecology: an approach to the study of the early cultures of the Near East Ceramics and man [Matson, 1965 #23492]
Book Section 1984 Kaida, Y. Climate and agricultural land use in Thailand Climate and agricultural land use in monsoon Asia [Kaida, 1984 #24616]
Journal Article 1966 Yengoyan, Aram A. Ecological analysis and traditional agriculture Comparative Studies in Society and History [Yengoyan, 1966 #35262]
Book Section 2005 Sajise, Percy E. Biodiversity conservation in the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, Laguna, Luzon Conserving nature in culture: case studies from Southeast Asia [Sajise, 2005 #22592]
Journal Article 1991 Wada, E. The use of stable isotopes for food web analysis Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition [Wada, 1991 #34449]
Book Section 1989 Engelhardt, Richard A., Jr. Forest-gatherers and strand-loopers: econiche specialization in Thailand Culture and environment in Thailand [Engelhardt, 1989 #24659]
Journal Article 1975 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic ecology of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru: implications for prehistory Current Anthropology [Arnold, 1975 #28983]
Journal Article 1976 Winzeler, Robert L. Ecology, culture, social organization, and state formation in Southeast Asia Current Anthropology [Winzeler, 1976 #35522]
Thesis 2001 Bubpha, Sureeratana The ethnoarchaeological study of ceramic ecology at Ban Hua Bueng, Khon Kaen Province Department of Archaeology [Bubpha, 2001 #36361]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Peterson, Jean Treloggen Ecotones and exchange in northern Luzon Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia: perspectives from prehistory, history and ethnography [Peterson, 1977 #26162]
Book Section 2007 Chaimanee, Y. Late Pleistocene of Southeast Asia Encyclopedia of quaternary science [Chaimanee, 2007 #23421]