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Journal Article 2021 Fochesato, Mattia Changing social inequality from first farmers to early states in Southeast Asia PNAS [Fochesato, 2021 #37261]
Book Section 2016 Stark, Miriam T. From the Mekong to the Tonle Sap: water management and cosmology in Cambodia's ancient states Irrigation in early states: new directions [Stark, 2016 #37192]
Journal Article 2019 Stark, Miriam Going Against Whose Grain? Archaeological Theory and Southeast Asia's Premodern States Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Stark, 2019 #37156]
Book Section 2022 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Early states of insular Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Manguin, 2022 #37047]
Book Section 2022 Clarke, Wesley Early states in Thailand: Dvāravatī The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Clarke, 2022 #37043]
Book Section 2022 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Mainland Southeast Asia's earliest kingdoms and the case of ''Funan'' The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Manguin, 2022 #37041]
Book Section 2022 Kim, Nam C. The Co Loa polity in Northern Vietnam The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Kim, 2022 #37040]
Journal Article 2019 Qian, Yang Conflict and identity: the ritual of wall construction in early China Asian Perspectives [Qian, 2019 #18969]
Journal Article 2019 Jinsong, Shi The cultural landscape of the Chinese bronze age Acta Archaeologica [Jinsong, 2019 #18944]
Journal Article 1951 Briggs, Lawrence Palmer The ancient Khmer Empire American Philosophical Society [Briggs, 1951 #28371]
Journal Article 1998 Allen, S. Jane History, archaeology, and the question of foreign control in early historic-period peninsular Malaysia International Journal of Historical Archaeology [Allen, 1998 #28379]
Book Section 1986 Vickery, Michael Some remarks on early state formation in Cambodia Southeast Asia in the 9th to 14th centuries [Vickery, 1986 #23309]
Book Section 1986 Whitmore, John K. Elephants can actually swim: contemporary Chinese views of late Ly Dai Viet Southeast Asia in the 9th to 14th centuries [Whitmore, 1986 #23308]
Book Section 1986 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Shipshape societies: boat symbolism and political systems in insular Southeast Asia Southeast Asia in the 9th to 14th centuries [Manguin, 1986 #23305]
Book 1984 Thapar, Romila From lineage to state: social formations in the mid-first millennium B. C. in the Ganga Valley [Thapar, 1984 #20148]
Book Section 1998 Christie, Jan Wisseman Weights and measures in early Javanese states Southeast Asian Archaeology 1996: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, Leiden, 2-6 September 1996 [Christie, 1998 #23534]
Journal Article 1979 Wolters, O. W. Studying Srivijaya Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Wolters, 1979 #29246]
Book Section 2008 Bacus, Elisabeth A. Transformations in the landscapes of south-central Bali: an archaeological investigation of early Balinese states – a brief report on the first two field seasons From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions [Bacus, 2008 #23672]
Book Section 1998 Blanton, Richard E. Beyond centralization: steps towards a theory of egalitarian behavior in archaic states Archaic states [Blanton, 1998 #23874]
Book (Edited) 1998 Feinman, Gary M. Archaic states [Feinman, 1998 #21510]
Book Section 1998 Morris, Craig Inka strategies of incorporation and governance Archaic states [Morris, 1998 #23876]
Book in a Series 2007 O'Reilly, Dougald J. W. Early civilizations of Southeast Asia [O'Reilly, 2007 #21766]
Book (Edited) 1990 Barnes, Gina Lee Hoabinhian, Jomon, Yayoi, early Korean states [Barnes, 1990 #21525]
Journal Article 1999 Lorrillard, Michel La succession de Setthāthirāt: réappréciation d'une période de l'histoire du Lān Xāng Aséanie [Lorrillard, 1999 #30298]
Book in a Series 1957 Schrieke, B. J. O. Indonesian sociological studies [Schrieke, 1957 #21791]
Book 1975 Service, Elman Rogers Origins of the state and civilization : the process of cultural evolution [Service, 1975 #20823]
Journal Article 1943 Cedés, G. Etudes cambodgiennes XXXVII: Le site de Janapada d'après une inscription de Pràsàt Khnà Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Cedés, 1943 #32189]
Journal Article 2000 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Les citiés-États de l'Asie du Sud-Est côtière - De l'ancienneteé et de la permanence des formes urbaines Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Manguin, 2000 #32006]