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Journal Article 2017 Petchey, Peter A late prehistoric iron smithing workshop and associated iron industry at the port settlement of Khao Sek, Thai-Malay Peninsula Archaeological Research in Asia [Petchey, 2017 #26974]
Journal Article 2009 Juleff, G. Technology and evolution: a root and branch view of Asian iron from first-millennium BC Sri Lanka to Japanese steel World Archaeology [Juleff, 2009 #28410]
Journal Article 1986 Prakash, B. Iron technology in ancient India Historical Metallurgy [Prakash, 1986 #28931]
Journal Article 1994 Craddock, P. T. Iron and steel in ancient China: origins and technical change Antiquity [Craddock, 1994 #29821]
Journal Article 1976 Chakrabarti, Dilip The beginnings of iron in India Antiquity [Chakrabarti, 1976 #29903]
Book 1992 Chakrabarti, Dilip The early use of iron in India [Chakrabarti, 1992 #20702]
Journal Article 1985 Bronson, Bennet Notes on the history of iron in Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Bronson, 1985 #30047]
Book Section 2006 Kanjanajuntorn, Podjanok Excavation at Nong Kwang, an Iron Age site in Ratchaburi Province, West-Central Thailand Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Kanjanajuntorn, 2006 #24060]
Book Section 2004 van Geel, Bas Solar forcing of climate change and a monsoon-related cultural shift in western India around 800 cal. yrs. BC Monsoon and civilization [van 2004 #24292]
Journal Article 1997 Gasing, Joseph Ingai New data on the early smelting of iron in Sarawak Sarawak Museum Journal [Gasing, 1997 #31401]
Journal Article 1991 Dizon, Eusebio Z. Prehistoric iron-use and its technology in the Philippines National Museum Papers [Dizon, 1991 #34889]
Journal Article 1973 Barnard, Noel Review of "Two early Chinese bronze weapons with meteoric iron blades" by Rutherford J. Gettens, Roy S. Clarke, Jr., and W. T. Chase Journal of the American Oriental Society [Barnard, 1973 #35199]
Book Section in a Series 1999 Bronson, Bennet The transition to iron in ancient China The archaeometallurgy of the Asian Old World [Bronson, 1999 #26114]
Thesis-Bachelor 1976 Natapintu, Surapol Prehistoric iron implements from Ban Don Ta Phet [Natapintu, 1976 #36434]
Book in a Series 1969 Harrisson, Tom Excavations of the prehistoric iron industry in west Borneo [Harrisson, 1969 #21941]
Book Section 1992 Suchitta, Pornchai Early iron smelting in Thailand and its implications Early metallurgy, trade and urban centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia [Suchitta, 1992 #24885]
Journal Article 1926 Chhibber, Harbans Lal The extinct iron industry of the neighbourhood of Mount Popa, Upper Burma, with notes on the microscopic study of the slags Journal Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Chhibber, 1926 #35631]
Book Section 1988 Taylor, S. J. Social and historical implications of early Chinese iron technology The Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys. Papers from the Second International Conference on the Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, Zhengzhou, China, 21-26 October 1986 [Taylor, 1988 #24912]
Journal Article 1982 Pigott, Vincent C. The innovation of iron: cultural dynamics in technological change Expedition [Pigott, 1982 #35853]
Book Section 1980 Needham, Joseph The evolution of iron and steel technology in East and Southeast Asia The coming of the age of iron [Needham, 1980 #25103]
Book Section 1984 Pigott, Vincent C. Prehistoric iron in Southeast Asia: new evidence from northeast Thailand Southeast Asian Archaeology at the XV Pacific Science Congress: The Origins of Agriculture, Metallurgy, and the State in Mainland Southeast Asia [Pigott, 1984 #25053]