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Book Section 1997 Bird, Douglas W. Behavioral ecology and the archeological consequences of central place foraging among the Meriam Rediscovering Darwin: evolutionary theory and archeological explanation [Bird, 1997 #22141]
Journal Article 2016 Lee, Cheng-Yi Diet and subsistence mode of Neolithic Yuan-Shan people in Taiwan: Perspective from carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses of bone collagen Archaeological Research in Asia [Lee, 2016 #27027]
Journal Article 2017 Lee, Cheng-Yi Dietary reconstruction of the Iron Age population at the Fantzuyuan site, Taiwan, revealed by isotopic analysis on human and faunal bone collagen Archaeological Research in Asia [Lee, 2017 #27028]
Journal Article 2016 Owlett, Tricia E. Finding greener pastures: the local development of agro-pastoralism in the Ordos region, north China Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Owlett, 2016 #27481]
Journal Article 2009 Richards, Michael P. Isotope analysis of human and animal diets from the Hanamiai archaeological site (French Polynesia) Archaeology in Oceania [Richards, 2009 #26971]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Tingting Microfossil analysis of dental calculus and isotopic measurements reveal the complexity of human-plant dietary relationships in Late Bronze Age Yunnan Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Wang, 2022 #37068]