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Journal Article 2019 Niespolo, Elizabeth M. 230Th dating of coral abraders from stratified deposits at Tangatatau Rockshelter, Mangaia, Cook Islands: implications for building precise chronologies in Polynesia Journal of Archaeological Science [Niespolo, 2019 #19624]
Journal Article 2009 Acabado, Stephen A Bayesian approach to dating agricultural terraces: a case from the Philippines Antiquity [Acabado, 2009 #26796]
Book Section 1979 Smith, Ralph B. A comment on the Non Nok Tha dates Early South East Asia: essays in archaeology, history, and historical geography [Smith, 1979 #25093]
Journal Article 1996 Millard, Andrew R. A diffusion-adsorption model of uranium uptake by archaeological bone Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta [Millard, 1996 #28495]
Book Section 2012 Higham, Charles F. W. A new chronological framework for Ban Chiang, northeast Thailand Crossing borders: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Higham, 2012 #22883]
Journal Article 1980 Cleghorn, Paul L. A note on Flake shell implements: an experimental study Asian Perspectives (1977) [Cleghorn, 1980 #33118]
Journal Article 2020 Higham, Thomas F. G. A prehistoric copper-production centre in central Thailand: its dating and wider implications Antiquity [Higham, 2020 #36772]
Journal Article 2018 Brumm, Adam A reassessment of the early archaeological record at Leang Burung 2, a late Pleistocene rock-shelter site on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi PLOS One [Brumm, 2018 #26770]
Journal Article 1985 Dadao, Wang A reconsideration of the Wanjiaba tombs in the light of dating and periodization Bulletin of the Ancient Orient Museum [Dadao, 1985 #35189]
Journal Article 2020 Kaharudin, Hendri A. F. A review of archaeological dating efforts at cave and rockshelter sites in the Indonesian Archipelago Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Kaharudin, 2020 #36894]
Journal Article 1962 Watanabe, Naotune A review of dating methods now used in Japan Asian Perspectives (1961) [Watanabe, 1962 #33554]
Journal Article 1992 Krairiksh, Piriya A revised dating of Ayudhya architecture Journal of the Siam Society [Krairiksh, 1992 #36696]
Journal Article 1992 Krairiksh, Piriya A revised dating of Ayudhya architecture (II) Journal of the Siam Society [Krairiksh, 1992 #36695]
Journal Article 2016 Zeitoun, Valery A sustainable review of the Middle Pleistocene benchmark sites including the <i>Ailurpoda—Stegodon</i> faunal complex: the proboscidean point of view Quaternary International [Zeitoun, 2016 #27618]
Journal Article 2020 Brasseur, Boris A younger "earliest human migration" to Southeast Asia Science [Brasseur, 2020 #19017]
Journal Article 1975 Johnson, David A. Absolute ages of Quaternary radiolarian datum levels in the equatorial Pacific Quaternary Research [Johnson, 1975 #35236]
Journal Article 1987 Hutterer, Karl L. Absolute dates for the hominid-bearing deposits in Java: an overview Asian Perspectives (1982-1983) [Hutterer, 1987 #28146]
Journal Article 1987 Martinson, D. G. Age dating and orbital theory of the Ice Ages: development of a high resolution 0-300 000-year chronostratigraphy Quaternary Research [Martinson, 1987 #28695]
Journal Article 2021 Sun, Xue-feng Ancient DNA and multimethod dating confirm the late arrival of anatomically modern humans in southern China PNAS [Sun, 2021 #36966]
Journal Article 2007 Shaw, Julia Ancient irrigations and Buddhist history in central India: optically stimulated luminescence dates and pollen sequences from the Sanchi dams Asian Perspectives (2007) [Shaw, 2007 #29994]
Journal Article 1999 Spriggs, Matthew Archaeological dates and linguistic sub-groups in the settlement of the island Southeast Asian-Pacific region Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Spriggs, 1999 #35438]
Journal Article 2017 Paige, Jonathan Are the intensities and durations of small-scale pottery firings sufficient to completely dehydroxylate clays?: testing a key assumption underlying ceramic rehydroxylation dating Journal of Archaeological Science [Paige, 2017 #26836]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Hiscock, Peter Artefacts on Aru: evaluation the technological sequences The archaeology of the Aru Islands, eastern Indonesia [Hiscock, 2007 #25393]
Journal Article 1956 Boisselier, Jean Arts du Champa et du Cambodge préangkorien. La Date de Mi-so'n E-1 Artibus Asiae [Boisselier, 1956 #28373]
Journal Article 2023 Carleton, W. Christopher Bayesian regression versus machine learning for rapid age estimation of archaeological features identified with lidar at Angkor Scientific Reports [Carleton, 2023 #37265]
Journal Article 2006 Reimer, P. J. Comment on "Radiocarbon calibration curve spanning 0 to 50,000 years BP based on paired 230Th/234U/238U and 14C dates on pristine corals" by R. G. Fairbanks et al. (Wuaternary Science Reviews 24 (2005) 1781-1796) and "Extending the radiocarbon calibr Quaternary Science Reviews [Reimer, 2006 #28490]
Journal Article 2003 Plagnes, Valerie Cross dating (Th/U-14C) of calcite covering prehistoric paintings in Borneo Quaternary Research [Plagnes, 2003 #31665]
Report 2005 Lewis, H. Dating Early occupation at Ille Cave, New Ibaja, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines: report on the 2005 excavation season [Lewis, 2005 #36246]
Book Section 2008 White, Joyce C. Dating early bronze at Ban Chiang, Thailand From Homo erectus to the living traditions [White, 2008 #23710]
Journal Article 2015 Dye, Thomas S. Dating human dispersal in remote Oceania: a Bayesian view from Hawai'i World Archaeology [Dye, 2015 #26758]