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Journal Article 2022 Ma, Minmin Understanding the transport networks complex between South Asia, Southeast Asia and China during the late Neolithic and Bronze Age Sage Journals [Ma, 2022 #37195]
Journal Article 2020 Lorrillard, Michel Towards a new approach to the spread of Buddhism in the Lān Xāng Kingdom: the first Lao inscriptions Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019 [Lorrillard, 2020 #36946]
Journal Article 2020 Zhang, Xiaoming A matrilineal genetic perspective of Hanging Coffin custom in southern China and northern Thailand iScience [Zhang, 2020 #19614]
Journal Article 2019 Stark, Miriam Earthenware ceramic technologies of Angkor Borei, Cambodia Udaya: Journal of Khmer Studies [Stark, 2019 #18950]
Journal Article 2019 Zeitoun, Valéry Discovery of an outstanding Hoabinhian site from the Late Pleistocene at Doi Pha Kan (Lampang province, northern Thailand) Archaeological Research in Asia [Zeitoun, 2019 #26667]
Book Section 2018 Aung-Thwin, Michael Keynote: The myth of "splendid isolation" Bagan and the World: Early Myanmar and Its Global Connections [Aung-Thwin, 2018 #22279]
Book Section 2018 Goh, Geok Yian Positioning Bagan in the Buddhist ecumene: Myanmar's trans-polity connections Bagan and the World: Early Myanmar and Its Global Connections [Goh, 2018 #22271]
Book 2018 Goh, Geok Yian Bagan and the world: early Myanmar and its global connections [Goh, 2018 #19734]
Book Section 2017 Hung, Hsiao-Chun Cultural interactions in mainland and island Southeast Asia and beyond, 2000 BC - AD 200 Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Hung, 2017 #22293]
Book 2008 Hung H.-C. Migration and cultural interaction in southern coastal China and the northern Philippines, 3000 BC to AD 100: the early history of the Austronesian speaking populations [Hung 2008 #19787]
Book Section 2009 Scott, James C. Orality, writing, and texts The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of Upland Southeast Asia [Scott, 2009 #22621]
Journal Article 2014 Higham, Charles Franklin The Mun Valley and Central Thailand in prehistory: integrating two cultural sequences Open Archaeology [Higham, 2014 #28136]
Journal Article 2013 Biggs, Lynn Prehistoric iron production technologies in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula: metallography and slag inclusion analyses of iron artefacts from Khao Sam Kaeo and Phu Khao Thong Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Biggs, 2013 #28200]
Book Section 2011 Sundaresh Marine archaeological investigations along the Tamil Nadu coast and their implications for understanding cultural expansion to Southeast Asian countries Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange [Sundaresh 2011 #23017]
Book Section 2011 Polkinghorne, Martin Individuals under the glaze: local transformations of Indianisation in the decorative lintels of Angkor Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange [Polkinghorne, 2011 #23011]
Book Section 2011 Nicolas, Arsenio Early musical exchange between India and Southeast Asia Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange [Nicolas, 2011 #23010]
Journal Article 2000 Salam, Rashidah A. The Greeks' influences on the later traditions in art in Malaysia: some examples from Sarawak Sarawak Museum Journal [Salam, 2000 #28528]
Journal Article 2008 Shennan, Stephen Evolution in archaeology Annual Review of Anthropology [Shennan, 2008 #28543]
Journal Article 2005 Eerkens, J. W. Cultural transmission, copying errors, and the generation of variation in material culture and the archaeological record Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Eerkens, 2005 #28550]
Journal Article 2007 Eerkens, J. W. Cultural transmission theory and the archaeological record: providing context to understanding variation and temporal changes in material culture Journal of Archaeological Research [Eerkens, 2007 #28549]
Journal Article 2001 Henrich, Joseph Cultural transmission and the diffusion of innovations: adoption dynamics indicate that biased cultural transmission is the predominate force in behavioral change American Anthropologist [Henrich, 2001 #28548]
Journal Article 2011 Menon, Jaya Children playing and learning: crafting ceramics in ancient Indor Khera Asian Perspectives (2010) [Menon, 2011 #28607]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2011 Yew, Leong Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Yew, 2011 #22041]
Book Section 2000 Tapp, Nicholas Ritual relations and identity: Hmong and others Civility and Savagery [Tapp, 2000 #23258]
Journal Article 2010 Pryce, T.O. Review of Ambra Calo, "The distribution of bronze drums in early Southeast Asia: trade routes and cultural spheres" Antiquity [Pryce, 2010 #28668]
Journal Article 2010 Moore, Elizabeth Myanmar bronzes and the Dian cultures of Yunnan Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Moore, 2010 #28677]
Book (Edited) 2002 Craig, Timothy J. Global goes local: popular culture in Asia [Craig, 2002 #21434]
Journal Article 1993 Rowlands, Michael The role of memory in the transmission of culture World Archaeology [Rowlands, 1993 #28884]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Renaming the Hawaiian cultural sequence [Spriggs, 1987 #26439]
Journal Article 2008 Torres-Rouff, Christina The influence of Tiwanaku on life in the Chilean Atacama: mortuary and bodily perspectives American Anthropologist [Torres-Rouff, 2008 #29439]