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Journal Article 1970 Yamamoto Tatsuro, Myths explaining the vicissitudes of political power in ancient Vietnam Acta Asiatica [Yamamoto 1970 #28224]
Book Section 2018 Ward, Stacey M. Developing a new project: the impact of social change on health in the late iron age site of Non Ban Jak in Northeast Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Ward, 2018 #22237]
Book Section 2018 Nguyen Van Quang, Role of the Hoa Chau citadel (Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam) in the history of Champa and Dai Viet through archaeological results Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Nguyen 2018 #22244]
Journal Article 1995 Nelson, Ben A. Complexity, hierarchy, and scale: a controlled comparison between Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and La Quemada, Zacatecas American Antiquity [Nelson, 1995 #29830]
Journal Article 1977 Peebles, Christopher S. Some archaeological correlates of ranked societies American Antiquity [Peebles, 1977 #35841]
Book Section 1979 Childe, Vere Gordon The urban revolution Ancient cities of the Indus [Childe, 1979 #23889]
Journal Article 2003 Nguyen, Vinh-Kim Anthropology, inequality, and disease: a review Annual Review of Anthropology [Nguyen, 2003 #31872]
Journal Article 1999 Danforth, Marie Elaine Nutrition and politics in prehistory Annual Review of Anthropology [Danforth, 1999 #32535]
Thesis 2012 Chin-hsin Liu, Human skeletal health and dietary assessment of metal age central Thailand: the impact of changing social complexity and regional variation Anthropology [Chin-hsin 2012 #36330]
Journal Article 2018 Bellina, B. The elaboration of political models in maritime Southeast Asia and pan-regional culture: contribution from Khao Sek stone ornament craft system study Archaeological Research in Asia [Bellina, 2018 #26771]
Thesis 2003 Theunissen, Robert George Agate and carnelian beads and the dynamics of social complexity in iron age mainland Southeast Asia Archaeology and Paleoanthropology [Theunissen, 2003 #36390]
Journal Article 1974 Cordy, R. H. Complex rank cultural systems in the Hawaiian Islands: suggested explanations for their origins Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Cordy, 1974 #29827]
Journal Article 1985 Lilley, Ian Chiefs without chiefdoms. Comments on prehistoric sociopolitical organization in western Melanesia Archaeology in Oceania [Lilley, 1985 #32374]
Journal Article 1985 Yoffee, Norman Perspectives on 'trends towards social complexity in prehistoric Australia and Papua New Guinea' Archaeology in Oceania [Yoffee, 1985 #32375]
Book Section in a Series 2006 Liu, Li Sociopolitical change from Neolithic to Bronze Age China Archaeology of Asia [Liu, 2006 #25982]
Book Section in a Series 2006 Underhill, Anne P. Early communities in East Asia: economic and sociopolitical organization at the local and regional levels Archaeology of Asia [Underhill, 2006 #25983]
Book Section 1998 Possehl, Gregory L. Sociocultural complexity without the state: the Indus civilization Archaic states [Possehl, 1998 #23875]
Book 2009 Werner, Jayne Susan Gender, household and state in post-revolutionary Vietnam ASAA women in Asia [Werner, 2009 #20052]
Journal Article 1990 Knapp, A. Bernard Review of "Paradise gained and paradise lost: intensification, specialization, complexity, collapse" Asian Perspectives (1988-1989) [Knapp, 1990 #32971]
Journal Article 1991 Junker, Laura Lee The organization of intra-regional and long-distance trade in prehispanic Philippine complex societies Asian Perspectives (1990) [Junker, 1991 #32959]
Journal Article 1994 D'Altroy, Terence N. Comments: rethinking complex early societies in Asia Asian Perspectives (1994) [D'Altroy, 1994 #32865]
Journal Article 1994 Morrison, Kathleen D. States of theory and states of Asia: regional perspectives on states in Asia Asian Perspectives (1994) [Morrison, 1994 #32877]
Journal Article 1994 Shelach, Gideon Social complexity in north China during the early Bronze Age: a comparative study of the Erlitou and lower Xiajiadian cultures Asian Perspectives (1994) [Shelach, 1994 #32879]
Journal Article 1994 Kolb, Michael J. Cultural dynamics and the ritual role of woods in pre-contact Hawai'i Asian Perspectives (1994) [Kolb, 1994 #32883]
Journal Article 1998 Aswani, Shankar The Tongan maritime expansion: a case in the evolutionary ecology of social complexity Asian Perspectives (1998) [Aswani, 1998 #32786]
Journal Article 1999 Demattè, Paola Longshan-era urbanism: the role of cities in predynastic China Asian Perspectives (1999) [Demattè, 1999 #32763]
Journal Article 2001 Taomia, Julie M. E. Household units in the analysis of prehistoric social complexity, Southern Cook Islands Asian Perspectives (2000) [Taomia, 2001 #32755]
Journal Article 2006 Bale, Martin T. Craft production and social change in Mumun Pottery Period Korea Asian Perspectives (2006) [Bale, 2006 #30207]
Journal Article 2007 Pearson, Richard Debating Jomon social complexity Asian Perspectives (2007) [Pearson, 2007 #29794]
Journal Article 2011 Eyre, Chureekamol Onsuwan Social variation and dynamics in metal age and protohistoric central Thailand: a regional perspective Asian Perspectives (2010) [Eyre, 2011 #28670]