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Journal Article 2010 Xu, Deke 30,000-year vegetation and climate change around the East China Sea shelf inferred from a high-resolution pollen record Quaternary International [Xu, 2010 #29006]
Journal Article 1995 van der Kaars, W. A. A 135,000-year record of vegetational and climatic change from the Bandung area, West-Java, Indonesia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 1995 #27685]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard K. A 30,000-year pollen and radiocarbon record from highland Sumatra as evidence for climatic change Radiocarbon [Maloney, 1995 #31239]
Journal Article 2001 Penny, Dan A 40,000 year palynological record from north-east Thailand Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Penny, 2001 #34152]
Book Section 2001 Mingram, J. A 78,000 year record of climatic changes from the south China coast - the Huguang Maar Lake (Huguangyan) Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Mingram, 2001 #24568]
Journal Article 2005 Dykoski, Carolyn A. A high-resolution, absolute-dated Holocene and deglacial Asian monsoon record from Dongge Cave, China Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Dykoski, 2005 #28595]
Journal Article 2000 Zhang, H. C. A Holocene climatic record from arid northwestern China Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Zhang, 2000 #34308]
Journal Article 2000 van der Kaars, Sander A late Quaternary palaeoecological record from the Banda Sea, Indonesia: patterns of vegetation, climate and biomass burning in Indonesia and northern Australia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 2000 #31333]
Book Section 2001 Sui, Shuzhen A long paleoclimatic record in subtropical zone of south China Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Sui, 2001 #24571]
Journal Article 1973 Chu, K'o-cheng A preliminary study on the climactic fluctuations during the last 5000 years in China Scientia Sinica [Chu, 1973 #29868]
Book Section in a Series 2014 Cobos, Rafael Ancient Climate and Archaeology The Resilience and Vulnerability of Ancient Landscapes: Transforming Maya Archaeology through IHOPE [Cobos, 2014 #25202]
Journal Article 2004 Lal, Devendra Assessing past climate changes from proxy records: an iterative process between discovery and observations Quaternary International [Lal, 2004 #31189]
Journal Article 2004 He, Y. Asynchronous Holocene climate change across China Quaternary Research [He, 2004 #31236]
Journal Article 2003 Maslin, Mark A. Balancing the deglacial global carbon budget: the hydrate factor Quaternary Science Reviews [Maslin, 2003 #28843]
Journal Article 2010 Woodruff, D. Biogeography and conservation in Southeast Asia: how 2.7 million years of repeated environmental fluctuations affect today's patterns and the future of the remaining refugial-phase biodiversity Biodiversity and Conservation [Woodruff, 2010 #27709]
Journal Article 2003 Beaufort, L. Biomass burning and oceanic primary production estimates in the Sulu Sea area over the last 380 kyr and the East Asian monsoon dynamics Marine Geology [Beaufort, 2003 #28535]
Journal Article 2004 Yang, S. Y. Chemical weathering of the loess deposits in the lower Changjiang Valley, China, and paleoclimatic implications Quaternary International [Yang, 2004 #31188]
Book Section 1983 Hastings, P. Chronology of the late quaternary climatic changes in Thailand Proceedings of the First Symposium on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology of Thailand, 28-29 October 1983 [Hastings, 1983 #23184]
Journal Article 2010 Buckley, Brendan M. Climate as a contributing factor in the demise of Angkor, Cambodia PNAS [Buckley, 2010 #28646]
Journal Article 2006 Zhen, Li Climate change and human impact on the Song Hong (Red River) Delta, Vietnam, during the Holocene Quaternary International [Zhen, 2006 #28855]
Journal Article 2008 Soares, Pedro Climate change and postglacial human dispersals in Southeast Asia Molecular Biology and Evolution [Soares, 2008 #28613]
Journal Article 2018 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Climate change stimulated agricultural innovation and exchange across Asia Science Advances [Guedes, 2018 #36845]
Journal Article 2004 Catto, Norm Climate change, communities, and civilizations: driving force, supporting player, or background noise? Quaternary International [Catto, 2004 #30666]
Journal Article 2001 Zhou, Weijian Climate changes in northern China since the late Pleistocene and its response to global change Quaternary International [Zhou, 2001 #28573]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Yasuda, Yoshinori Climate deterioration and Angkor's demise Water civilization: from Yangtze to Khmer civilizations [Yasuda, 2013 #25469]
Journal Article 2004 Dodson, J. R. Climate, human, and natural systems of the PEP II transect Quaternary International [Dodson, 2004 #30691]
Journal Article 2004 Haberle, Simon G. Climates of change: human dimensions of Holocene environmental change in low latitudes of the PEPII transect Quaternary International [Haberle, 2004 #30690]
Journal Article 2018 Wu, Xudong Climatic and ecological changes of the past 1900 years inferred from long-chain alkenones in Kusai Lake, northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Quaternary International [Wu, 2018 #26681]
Journal Article 1993 Maloney, Bernard K. Climatic change and early forest clearance in highland north Sumatra Indian Ocean Review [Maloney, 1993 #31243]
Journal Article 1930 Burkitt, M. C. Climatic changes in Southeast Asia during the early Palaeolithic times Geological Magazine [Burkitt, 1930 #31940]