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Book Section 2015 Eusebio, Michelle S. Temporality of the people in Island Southeast Asia as reflected in rice agriculture Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Eusebio, 2015 #22503]
Journal Article 1998 Katzmarzyk, Peter T. Climatic influences on human body size and proportions: ecological adaptations and secular trends American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Katzmarzyk, 1998 #34641]
Journal Article 1976 Whyte, Robert Orr Bioclimatic and taxonomic consequences of tectonic movement and orogeny Annals of Arid Zone [Whyte, 1976 #35264]
Journal Article 1959 Chang, Jen-Hu Zonal indices as related to the winter climate in East Asia Annals of the Association of American Geographers [Chang, 1959 #35252]
Journal Article 1994 Pavlides, Christina 35,000-year-old sites in the rainforests of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Antiquity [Pavlides, 1994 #26776]
Journal Article 2011 Morgan, Christopher Glacial cycles and palaeolithic adaptive variability on China's western Loess Plateau Antiquity [Morgan, 2011 #28477]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina C. Social responses to climate change in Iron Age north-east Thailand: new archaeobotanical evidence Antiquity [Castillo, 2018 #36829]
Journal Article 1981 Whyte, Robert Orr The Gramineae of monsoonal and equatorial Asia. II. Western monsoon Asia Asian Perspectives (1978) [Whyte, 1981 #33107]
Journal Article 1980 Pearson, Richard Excavations on Kume and Iriomote, Ryukyu Islands Asian Perspectives (1978) [Pearson, 1980 #33120]
Journal Article 2002 Gathorne-Hardy, F. J. Quaternary rainforest refugia in south-east Asia: using termites (Isoptera) as indicators Biological Journal of the Linnean Society [Gathorne-Hardy, 2002 #28504]
Journal Article 1951 Gourou, Pierre Civilisations et géographie humaine en Asie des moussons Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Gourou, 1951 #32185]
Journal Article 1999 Penny, Dan Palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Sakon Nakhon Basin, northeast Thailand: palynological perspectives on climate change and human occupation Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Penny, 1999 #34558]
Journal Article 1991 Sémah, Anne-Marie Recession of the sea, climatic changes, and the earliest colonization of Java near the Plio-Pleistocene boundary Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Sémah, 1991 #35572]
Journal Article Spennemann, Dirk H. R. The impact of cyclonic surge on archaeological sites in Tonga Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Spennemann, #35732]
Book Section 1984 Chang, Jen-Hu The monsoon circulation of Asia Climate and agricultural land use in monsoon Asia [Chang, 1984 #25054]
Book Section 1976 Chang, T. T. Genetic variousness in the climatic adaptation of rice cultivars Climate and Rice: Proceedings of the Symposium [Chang, 1976 #37182]
Book Section 2010 Mormina, M. Climate and the population history of Southeast Asia Climate Crises and Human History [Mormina, 2010 #22476]
Journal Article 2007 Buckley, Brendan M. Decadal scale droughts over northwestern Thailand over the past 448 years: links to the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean sectors Climate dynamics [Buckley, 2007 #28959]
Journal Article 1991 Heaney, Lawrence A synopsis of climatic and vegetational change in Southeast Asia Climatic Change [Heaney, 1991 #34673]
Journal Article 1991 Heaney, L. R. Climatic and vegetational change in Southeast Asia Climatic Change [Heaney, 1991 #35690]
Journal Article 2011 Lewis, Sophie C. High-resolution stalagmite reconstructions of Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall variability during Heinrich stadial 3 and Greenland interstadial 4 Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Lewis, 2011 #28589]
Journal Article 2010 Griffiths, Michael L. Younger Dryas-Holocene temperature and rainfall history of southern Indonesia from δ18O in speleothem calcite and fluid inclusions Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Griffiths, 2010 #28591]
Book Section 2015 Reynolds, Tim Reconstructing late Pleistocene climates, landscapes, and human activities in northern Borneo from excavations in the Niah Caves Emergence and diversity of modern human behavior in paleolithic Asia [Reynolds, 2015 #22614]
Journal Article 2007 Balouet, Jean-Christophe Applied dendroecology and environmental forensics. Characterizing and age dating environmental releases: fundamentals and case studies Environmental Forensics [Balouet, 2007 #28965]
Book Section in a Series 2020 McKinnon, Edmund Edwards Mediaeval Fansur: a long-lost harbor in Aceh EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 1: ancient and living traditions [McKinnon, 2020 #36744]
Journal Article 2007 Buckley, Brendan M. Analyses of growth rings of Pinus merkusii from Lao PDR Forest Ecology and Management [Buckley, 2007 #28960]
Journal Article 2007 Barbour, Margaret M. Stable oxygen isotope composition of plant tissue: a review Functional Plant Biology [Barbour, 2007 #26617]
Journal Article 2003 McGregor, Helen V. Diagenesis and geochemistry of <i>Porites</i> corals from Papua New Guinea: implications for paleoclimate reconstruction Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta [McGregor, 2003 #28586]
Journal Article 1963 Flint, Richard Foster Pleistocene climates in low latitudes Geographical Review [Flint, 1963 #27870]
Journal Article 1969 Chang, Jen-Hu Some aspects of climatic fluctuations since the Pleistocene Geographical Review [Chang, 1969 #35251]