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Journal Article 1977 Bayard, Donn T. A novel pottery-manufacturing technique in western Loei Province, Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Bayard, 1977 #35942]
Thesis-MA 1979 Rutnin, Somsuda A pottery sequence from Non Chai, northeast Thailand [Rutnin, 1979 #36480]
Journal Article 1967 Specht, Jim A prehistoric pottery site in coastal New Guinea Antiquity [Specht, 1967 #26782]
Journal Article 1974 Van Esterik, Penelope A preliminary analysis of Ban Chiang painted pottery, Northeast Thailand Asian Perspectives (1973) [Van 1974 #33238]
Book Section 1965 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II A preliminary report on new pottery complex in northeastern Thailand Felicitation volumes of Southeast-Asian studies presented to His Highness Prince Dhaninivat Kromamun Bidyalabh Bridhyakorn on the occasion of his eightieth birthday [Solheim, 1965 #24141]
Journal Article 2024 Adhityatama, Shinatria A Preliminary Report on the Late 13th- to Early 14th-Century Bontosikuyu Shipwreck Site, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Case Study for Regional Capacity Building and Research International Journal of Nautical Archaeology [Adhityatama, 2024 #37297]
Thesis 2009 Wong, Sharon Wai Yee A preliminary study on some economic activities of Khmer Empire: examining the relationship between the Khmer and Guangdong ceramic industries during the 9th-14th centuries Southeast Asian Studies [Wong, 2009 #36362]
Journal Article 2006 Wong, Sharon Wai Yee A preliminary study on the distribution and consumption of ceramics in Hong Kong during the Song-Yuan period Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Wong, 2006 #30028]
Journal Article 1957 Malleret, Louis A propos d'une poterie du British Museum Artibus Asiae [Malleret, 1957 #29329]
Book Section 1989 Whitbread, I. K. A proposal for the systematic description of thin sections towards the study of ancient ceramic technology Archaeometry: proceedings of the 25th International Symposium [Whitbread, 1989 #23479]
Journal Article 1970 Harrisson, Tom A rare ceramic bangle from Borneo Asian Perspectives (1968) [Harrisson, 1970 #33382]
Journal Article 1997 Guy, John A reassessment of Khmer ceramics Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society [Guy, 1997 #28982]
Journal Article 1976 Spinks, C. Nelson A reassessment of the Annamese wares Journal of the Siam Society [Spinks, 1976 #36823]
Journal Article 1961 Peacock, B. A. V. A short description of Malayan prehistoric pottery Asian Perspectives (1959) [Peacock, 1961 #33589]
Journal Article 1993 Ardika, I. W. A single source for South Asian export-quality rouletted ware Man and Environment [Ardika, 1993 #29984]
Journal Article 1993 Ardika, I. W. A single source for South Asian export-quality Rouletted Ware? Man and Environment [Ardika, 1993 #30197]
Thesis-Bachelor 1995 Phetyoi, Chiraporn A study of ceramics from the excavation at Ban Mai Chai Mongkol (S 18 W 24), Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province [Phetyoi, 1995 #36429]
Book 2008 Tabata, Yukitsugu A study of Khmer ceramics [Tabata, 2008 #20274]
Thesis-Bachelor 1986 Siribamrungsuk, Niphawan A study of painted pottery from squares D5 and D6 of the 1975 excavation at Ban Chiang, Nong Han, Udon Thani [Siribamrungsuk, 1986 #36438]
Thesis-MA 1985 Nilakul, Endu A study of pottery at Tambon Ki Bua, Amphoe Muang Ratchaburi, from excavation during 1981-1982 [Nilakul, 1985 #36466]
Journal Article 2020 Fan, Jianan A study on the departure port of the Sinan shipwreck - a perspective based on the Chinese ceramic cargo Archaeological Research in Asia [Fan, 2020 #36689]
Journal Article 1984 Tite, M. S. A technological study of Chinese porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty Archaeometry [Tite, 1984 #28730]
Journal Article 1962 van Heekeren, Hendrik Robert A tentative investigation of the Sai Yok neolithic pottery in Thailand Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde [van 1962 #32544]
Book 1992 Valdes, Cynthia O. A thousand years of stoneware jars in the Philippines [Valdes, 1992 #20314]
BAR Section 1990 Leong Sau Heng, A tripod pottery complex in peninsular Malaysia Southeast Asian Archaeology 1986: Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe [Leong 1990 #19700]
Journal Article 2000 Hegmon, Michelle Advances in ceramic ethnoarchaeology Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Hegmon, 2000 #29023]
Journal Article 1990 Carr, Christopher Advances in ceramic radiography and analysis: applications and potentials Journal of Archaeological Science [Carr, 1990 #28762]
Journal Article 1990 Carr, Christopher Advances in radiography and analysis: laboratory methods Journal of Archaeological Science [Carr, 1990 #28761]
Journal Article 1991 Ha Van Tan, Adzes, pottery and language in prehistoric Viêt Nam Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Ha 1991 #35602]
Journal Article 1996 Kvamme, Kenneth L. Alternative procedures for assessing standardization in ceramic assemblages American Antiquity [Kvamme, 1996 #34831]