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Book Section 2005 Abdullah, Jeffrey Human teeth of the palaeolithic period from Gua Balambangan, Sabah The Perak man and other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia [Abdullah, 2005 #22601]
Journal Article 2005 Demeter, Fabrice Discovery of a second human molar and cranium fragment in the late Middle to Late Pleistocene cave of Ma U'Oi (northern Vietnam) Journal of Human Evolution [Demeter, 2005 #27748]
Journal Article 2005 Hunt, C. O. Pollen taphonomy and airfall sedimentation in a tropical cave: the West Mouth of the Great Cave of Niah in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo Journal of Archaeological Science [Hunt, 2005 #28498]
Journal Article 2005 Dykoski, Carolyn A. A high-resolution, absolute-dated Holocene and deglacial Asian monsoon record from Dongge Cave, China Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Dykoski, 2005 #28595]
Journal Article 2005 Anoikin, Anton A. Features of raw material use in the Palaeolithic industries of the Mountainous Altai, Siberia, Russia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Anoikin, 2005 #30452]
Journal Article 2005 Anderson, Douglas The use of caves in peninsular Thailand in the late Pleistocene and early and middle Holocene Asian Perspectives (2005) [Anderson, 2005 #30560]
Journal Article 2006 Sand, Christophe Oceanic rock art: first direct dating of prehistoric stencils and paintings from New Caledonia (southern Melanesia) Antiquity [Sand, 2006 #26774]
Journal Article 2006 Bacon, Anne-Marie New palaeontological assemblage, sedimentological and chronological data from the Pleistocene Ma U'Oi cave (northern Vietnam) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Bacon, 2006 #27749]
Book Section in a Series 2007 O'Connor, Sue Liang Lemdubu: a Pleistocene cave site in the Aru Islands The archaeology of the Aru Islands, eastern Indonesia [O'Connor, 2007 #25394]
Journal Article 2007 Stephens, Mark Progress in optical dating of guano-rich sediments associated with the Deep Skull, West Mouth of the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak, Borneo Quaternary Geochronology [Stephens, 2007 #28489]
Journal Article 2007 Dykes, A. P. Mass movements in cave sediments: investigation of a ~40,000-year-old guano mudflow inside the entrance of the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak, Borneo Landslides [Dykes, 2007 #28508]
Journal Article 2007 Barker, Graeme The ‘human revolution’ in lowland tropical Southeast Asia: the antiquity and behavior of anatomically modern humans at Niah Cave (Sarawak, Borneo) Journal of Human Evolution [Barker, 2007 #28795]
Book Section in a Series 2008 Sayavongkhamdy, Thongsa Excavations of cave sites at Pha Phen Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos [Sayavongkhamdy, 2008 #25664]
Journal Article 2008 Bacon, Anne-Marie The Late Pleistocene Duoi U'Oi cave in northern Vietnam: palaeontology, sedimentology, taphonomy and palaeoenvironments Quaternary Science Reviews [Bacon, 2008 #27753]
Journal Article 2008 Matsumura, Hirofumi Terminal Pleistocene human skeleton from Hang Cho Cave, northern Vietnam: implications for the biological affinities of Hoabinhian people Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 2008 #29415]
Journal Article 2009 Morwood, M. J. Preface: research at Liang Bua, Flores, Indonesia Journal of Human Evolution [Morwood, 2009 #26647]
Journal Article 2009 Westaway, K. E. <i>Homo floresiensis</i> and the late Pleistocene environments of eastern Indonesia: defining the nature of the relationship Quaternary Science Reviews [Westaway, 2009 #28578]
Journal Article 2009 Barker, Graeme Zooarchaeology at the Niah Caves, Sarawak: context and research issues International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Barker, 2009 #28796]
Journal Article 2009 Trinh Nang Chung, Archaeological sites in Ba Be National Park Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Trinh 2009 #29085]
Journal Article 2010 Krause, J. The complete mitochondrial DNA genome of an unknown hominin from southern Siberia Nature [Krause, 2010 #27797]
Journal Article 2010 Stadtner, Donald A. Review of "Burmese Buddhist murals: Vol. 1, epigraphic corpus of the Powin Taung Caves," by Christopher Munier and Myint Aung Journal of the Siam Society [Stadtner, 2010 #28797]
Journal Article 2011 Barker, Graeme Foraging-farming transitions at the Niah Caves, Sarawak, Borneo Antiquity [Barker, 2011 #28473]
Journal Article 2011 Saidin, Mokhtar The recent rock drawings of Lenggong Valley, Perak, Malaysia Antiquity [Saidin, 2011 #28475]
Conference Paper 2012 Shackelford, Laura L. Modern human fossils from Tam Pa Ling, Laos The 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists [Shackelford, 2012 #26408]
Journal Article 2012 Kiernan, Kevin Impacts of war on geodiversity and geoheritage: case studies of karst caves from northern Laos Geoheritage [Kiernan, 2012 #27672]
Journal Article 2012 Lekenvall, Henrik Late stone age communities in the Thai-Malay Peninsula Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Lekenvall, 2012 #28133]
Book Section in a Series 2013 Bellwood, Peter Archaeological excavations on Itbayat and Siayan Islands 4000 years of migration and cultural exchange: the archaeology of the Batanes Islands, northern Philippines [Bellwood, 2013 #25440]
Conference Paper 2013 Shackelford, Laura L. Mosaic traits of the human mandible from Tam Pa Ling, Laos at 46 ka. Paleoanthropology Society Meeting [Shackelford, 2013 #26409]
Journal Article 2013 Aung, Yee Yee New discoveries of rock art in Badalin Caves, Myanmar Melbourne [Aung, 2013 #37254]
Conference Paper 2014 Demeter, Fabrice The Tam Pa Ling case: where archaic and modern humans met The 20th Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Congress [Demeter, 2014 #26411]