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Book Section 2024 Drawhorn, Gerrell M. Dubois and beyond: The historical background of cave exploration in Sumatra Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra [Drawhorn, 2024 #37328]
Book Section 2024 Albers, Paul C. H. An expedition in colonial times:
Some notes regarding Dubois’
fieldwork in Sumatra
Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra [Albers, 2024 #37327]
Book Section 2024 Albers, Paul C. H. Eugène Dubois’ work in Sumatra Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra [Albers, 2024 #37326]
Journal Article 2013 Aung, Yee Yee New discoveries of rock art in Badalin Caves, Myanmar Melbourne [Aung, 2013 #37254]
Book Section in a Series 2015 Lara, Myra Implications of pathological changes in cremated human remains from Palawan, Philippines, for island Southeast Asian archaeology The Routledge Handbook of Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Lara, 2015 #37175]
Journal Article 2021 Suraprasit, Kantapon Taxonomic reassessment of large mammals from the Pleistocene Homo-bearing site of Tham Wiman Nakin (Northeast Thailand): relevance for faunal patterns in mainland Southeast Asia Quaternary International [Suraprasit, 2021 #37107]
Journal Article 2021 Conrad, Cyler Re-evaluating Pleistocene–Holocene occupation of cave sites in north-west Thailand: new radiocarbon and luminescence dating Antiquity [Conrad, 2021 #37099]
Journal Article 2022 Wu, Yun High-precision U-series dating of the late Pleistocene – early Holocene rock paintings at Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jinsha River valley, southwestern China Journal of Archaeological Science [Wu, 2022 #37098]
Journal Article 2022 Louys, Julien Speleological and environmental history of Lida Ajer cave, western Sumatra Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B [Louys, 2022 #37080]
Journal Article 2022 Ochoa, Janine Tropical island adaptations in Southeast Asia during the Last Glacial Maximum: evidence from Palawan Antiquity [Ochoa, 2022 #37057]
Journal Article December 2022 Newman, Kim The missing deposits of South Sulawesi: New sources of evidence for the Pleistocene/Holocene archaeological transition Archaeological Research in Asia [Newman, December 2022 #37053]
Journal Article 2022 Demeter, Fabrice A Middle Pleistocene Denisovan molar from the Annamite Chain of northern Laos Nature Communications [Demeter, 2022 #37009]
Thesis-PhD 2022 McAdams, Conor New insights into the Pleistocene archaeology of North Vietnam: understanding tropical cave sediments through microstratigraphic investigations and geo-ethnoarchaeological experiments [McAdams, 2022 #37004]
Journal Article 2020 Kaharudin, Hendri A. F. A review of archaeological dating efforts at cave and rockshelter sites in the Indonesian Archipelago Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Kaharudin, 2020 #36894]
Journal Article 2020 Tian, Chun Human behavioral responses to the 8.2 ka BP climatic event: archaeological evidence from the Zhongshandong cave site in Bubing Basin, Guangxi, southern China Quaternary International [Tian, 2020 #36862]
Journal Article 1998 Diller, Anthony A Trang cave text of 1614 AD Journal of the Siam Society [Diller, 1998 #36686]
Journal Article 2019 Aubert, Maxime Earliest hunting scene in prehistoric art Nature [Aubert, 2019 #19009]
Journal Article 2019 Li, Yinghua Luobi Cave, South China: a comparative perspective on a novel cobble-tool industry associated with bone-tool technology during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition Journal of World Prehistory [Li, 2019 #18959]
Journal Article 2019 McAdams, Conor The Pleistocene geoarchaeology and geochronology of Con Moong Cave, North Vietnam: site formation processes and hominin activity in the humid tropics Geoarchaeology [McAdams, 2019 #18917]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Lieberman, Daniel E. Variability in Hunter-Gatherer Seasonal Mobility in the Southern Levant: From the Mousterian to the Natufian Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Lieberman, 1993 #25231]
Journal Article 2019 Curnoe, Darren Femur associated with the Deep Skull from the West Mouth of the Niah Caves (Sarawak, Malaysia) Journal of Human Evolution [Curnoe, 2019 #26633]
Journal Article 2017 Hawkins, Stuart Oldest human occupation of Wallacea at Laili Cave, Timor-Leste, shows broad-spectrum foraging responses to late Pleistocene environments Quaternary Science Reviews [Hawkins, 2017 #26626]
Journal Article 2009 Morwood, M. J. Preface: research at Liang Bua, Flores, Indonesia Journal of Human Evolution [Morwood, 2009 #26647]
Journal Article 2018 Goh, Hsiao Mei The prehistoric human presence in Gua Kajang: ancient lifeways in the Malay Peninsula Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Goh, 2018 #26665]
Journal Article 2019 Yin, Jian-Jun Rainfall variability and vegetation recovery in rocky desertification areas recorded in recently-deposited stalagmites from Guilin, South China Quaternary International [Yin, 2019 #26688]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Hayes, Susan Cave art, art and geometric morphometrics: shape changes and the babirusa of Sulawesi The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Hayes, 2018 #25326]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Hakim, Budianto Black drawings at the cave site of Gua Pondoa, Southeast Sulawesi: the motifs and a comparison with pigment art elsewhere in Sulawesi and the broader Western Pacific region The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Hakim, 2018 #25324]
Journal Article 2018 Aubert, M. Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo Nature [Aubert, 2018 #26702]
Journal Article 2018 Carson, Mike T. Cultural spaces inside and outside caves: a study in Guam, western Micronesia Antiquity [Carson, 2018 #26732]
Journal Article 2006 Sand, Christophe Oceanic rock art: first direct dating of prehistoric stencils and paintings from New Caledonia (southern Melanesia) Antiquity [Sand, 2006 #26774]