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Journal Article 2018 Favereau, Aude Étude du mobilier céramique de deux cimetières de la fin du deuxième au début du premier millénaire avant notre ère en Haute Birmanie : technologie, typologie et chronologie Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Favereau, 2018 #37317]
Book Section 2002 Roksandic, Mirjana Position of skeletal remains as a key to understanding mortuary behaviour Advances in forensic taphonomy: method, theory, and archaeological perspectives [Roksandic, 2002 #22953]
Book Section 2018 Ward, Stacey M. Developing a new project: the impact of social change on health in the late iron age site of Non Ban Jak in Northeast Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Ward, 2018 #22237]
Book Section 2018 Surinlert, Jaratnapa Comparison of rock painting sites in the Pratu Pha Valley, Lampang Province, Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Surinlert, 2018 #22239]
Book Section 2018 Khunsong, Saritpong Infant burial of the pre-Dvaravati period: new data from the 2015 excavation at U-Thong, central Thailand Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Khunsong, 2018 #22266]
Journal Article 1991 McGovern, Patrick E. The beads from tomb B10a B27 at Dinkha Tepe and the beginnings of glassmaking in the ancient Near East American Journal of Archaeology [McGovern, 1991 #29283]
Journal Article 2008 Matsumura, Hirofumi Morphometric affinity of the late Neolithic human remains from Man Bac, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam: key skeletons with which to debate the ‘two layer’ hypothesis Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 2008 #29503]
Thesis 2006 Sargeant, C. Iron age mortuary goods: a comparative study between Ban Non Wat and Noen U-Loke, northeast Thailand Anthropology [Sargeant, 2006 #36288]
Journal Article 1956 van Heekeren, H. R. Note on a proto-historic urn-burial site at Anjayr, Java Anthropos [van 1956 #27656]
Journal Article 2019 Pawlik, Alfred Burial traditions in early Mid-Holocene Island Southeast Asia: new evidence from Bubog-1, Ilin Island, Mindoro Occidental Antiquity [Pawlik, 2019 #18914]
Journal Article 2019 O'Reilly, Dougald Excavating among the megaliths: recent research at the ‘Plain of Jars’ site 1 in Laos Antiquity [O'Reilly, 2019 #18915]
Journal Article 2017 O'Connor, Sue Fishing in life and death: Pleistocene fish-hooks from a burial context on Alor Island, Indonesia Antiquity [O'Connor, 2017 #26810]
Journal Article 2018 Fitzpatrick, Scott M. Radiocarbon dating and Bayesian modelling of one of Remote Oceania's oldest cemeteries at Chelecol ra Orrak, Palau Antiquity [Fitzpatrick, 2018 #26811]
Journal Article 2016 Galipaud, Jean-Christophe The Pain Haka burial ground in Flores: Indonesian evidence for a shared neolithic cosmology in Southeast Asia Antiquity [Galipaud, 2016 #27661]
Journal Article 2013 Li, F.-J. Dismembered neolithic burials at the Ding Si Shan site in Guangxi, southern China Antiquity [Li, 2013 #27697]
Journal Article 2012 Halcrow, S. Newborn twins from prehistoric mainland Southeast Asia: birth, death and personhood Antiquity [Halcrow, 2012 #27728]
Journal Article 2011 Domett, K. M. Bioarchaeological evidence for conflict in iron age north-west Cambodia Antiquity [Domett, 2011 #28476]
Journal Article 2019 Grave, Peter The Southeast Asian water frontier: coastal trade and mid-fifteenth c. CE "hill tribe" burials, southeastern Cambodia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Grave, 2019 #18960]
Journal Article 2019 Goh, Hsiao Mei Revisiting the 3000-year-old Neolithic burial ground of Gua Harimau, West Malaysia Archaeological Research in Asia [Goh, 2019 #18961]
Journal Article 2019 Zeitoun, Valéry Discovery of an outstanding Hoabinhian site from the Late Pleistocene at Doi Pha Kan (Lampang province, northern Thailand) Archaeological Research in Asia [Zeitoun, 2019 #26667]
Journal Article 2019 Rangkuti, Nurhadi Archaeological evidence from Purwo Agung site (Karang Agung Tengah): a new perspective on Pre-Srivijayan settlement in the coastal area of South Sumatra Archaeological Research in Asia [Rangkuti, 2019 #26689]
Journal Article 2007 Bedford, Stuart Birds on the rim: a unique Lapita carinated vessel in its wider context Archaeology in Oceania [Bedford, 2007 #29279]
Journal Article 2013 Lapteff, S. V. Early iron age burial practices of the ancient Khmer people: the Phum Snay necropolis, northwestern Cambodia Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia [Lapteff, 2013 #27680]
Book Section 1987 Shi Meiguang, Investigation on some Chinese potash glasses excavated in Han dynasty tombs Archaeometry of glass: proceedings of the archaeometry session of the XIV International Congress On Glass 1986 [Shi 1987 #23577]
Journal Article 1988 Santoni, M. Thaïlande : découverte d'un site préhistorique Archéologia: Préhistoire et Archéologie [Santoni, 1988 #28869]
Book (Edited) 2011 Ron L. Adams Residential burial: a multiregional exploration Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association [Ron 2011 #21408]
Journal Article 2023 O'Reilly, Dougald Secondary burial practice at megalithic jar site 1, Plain of Jars Laos Asian Archaeology [O'Reilly, 2023 #37211]
Journal Article 2020 O'Reilly, Dougald Revisiting Prei Khmeng: the excavation of an Iron Age settlement and cemetery in Cambodia Asian Perspectives [O'Reilly, 2020 #19621]
Journal Article 2019 Glover, Lauren Overlooked imports: carnelian beads in the Korean Peninsula Asian Perspectives [Glover, 2019 #26655]
Journal Article 2018 Selbitschka, Armin Genuine prestige goods in mortuary contexts: emulation in polychrome silk and Byzantine Solidi from Northern China Asian Perspectives [Selbitschka, 2018 #26721]