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Book Section 1871 Anderson, John The stone implements of Yunnan, with a notice of a bronze axe-like weapon, from the Sandra valley A report on the expedition to western Yunnan viâ Bhamô [Anderson, 1871 #24412]
Journal Article 2019 Jinsong, Shi The cultural landscape of the Chinese bronze age Acta Archaeologica [Jinsong, 2019 #18944]
Book Section 1993 Pookajorn, Surin Ethnoarchaeology: bronze technology at Ban Pa-aao, northeastern of Thailand Actes du XIIe Congrès International des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques, Bratislava, 1-7 September 1991, V.I. [Pookajorn, 1993 #24814]
Book Section 2015 Duan Yu The ancient Sichuan and the civilization in Southeast Asia Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Duan 2015 #22491]
Journal Article 1957 Cheng, C. F. Nickel in ancient bronzes American Journal of Archaeology [Cheng, 1957 #29888]
Book Section 1976 Bellwood, Peter S. The significance of excavated bronze objects and casting moulds from the Talaud Islands, northeastern Indonesia Ancient Chinese bronzes and South-east Asian metal and other archaeological artefacts [Bellwood, 1976 #24547]
Journal Article 1954 Childe, V. Gordon The socketed celt in upper Eurasia Annual Report of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of London [Childe, 1954 #29498]
Journal Article 2020 Calo, Ambra Trans-Asiatic exchange of glass, gold and bronze: analysis of finds from the late prehistoric Pangkung Paruk site, Bali Antiquity [Calo, 2020 #19015]
Journal Article 2015 Calo, Ambra Sembiran and Pacung on the north coast of Bali: a strategic crossroads for early trans-Asiatic exchange Antiquity [Calo, 2015 #27951]
Journal Article 2012 Bray, P. J. A new interpretative approach to the chemistry of copper-alloy objects: source, recyling and technology Antiquity [Bray, 2012 #28208]
Journal Article 1988 Ambrose, W. R. An early bronze artefact from Papua New Guinea Antiquity [Ambrose, 1988 #30006]
Journal Article 2016 Xiaopan Fan, Sourcing copper ores for produciton of bronzes excavated at Shuangyantangm a western Zhou (1046-771 BC) site in Chonqing (Southwest China): evidence from lead isotope analysis Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Xiaopan 2016 #26804]
Journal Article 2016 Pryce, Thomas Oliver Metallurgical traditions and metal exchange networks in late prehistoric central Myanmar, c. 1000 BC to c. AD 500 Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Pryce, 2016 #27565]
Journal Article 2020 Yun, Yali Characteristic features of metal artifacts excavated in western Yunnan in the Bronze Age Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yun, 2020 #36659]
Journal Article 2022 Cui, Chunpeng Two alloying technology from the Muyushan site (Anhui Province, China): evidence for tin bronze and arsenic bronze smelting in the lower Yangtze River ca. 1100BC ~ 500 BC Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Cui, 2022 #37064]
Journal Article 2024 Yang, Zishu New evidence of metal exchange in Southeast Asia during the Iron Age: scientific analysis of excavated bronze in Vilabouly, Laos Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Yang, 2024 #37303]
Journal Article 2020 Li, Haichao Diachronic change in the Shang dynasty ritual package Archaeological Research in Asia [Li, 2020 #36667]
Journal Article 2005 Grushin, S. P. Origins of various design elements in Seima-Turbino bronze artifacts Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia [Grushin, 2005 #29001]
Book Section 2014 White, Joyce C. The transmission of early bronze technology to Thailand: new perspectives Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [White, 2014 #22780]
Journal Article 1956 Malleret, Louis Objets de bronze communs au Cambodge, à la Malaisie et à l'Indonésie Artibus Asiae [Malleret, 1956 #29330]
Book Section 2006 Nguyen, Viet Bronzes de Dông Son Arts and cultures [Nguyen, 2006 #23487]
Journal Article 1966 Harrisson, Tom A stone and bronze tool cave in Sabah Asian Perspectives (1964) [Harrisson, 1966 #29583]
Journal Article 1979 Adams, Marie Jeanne A "forgotten" bronze ship and recently discovered bronze weaver from eastern Indonesia: a problem paper Asian Perspectives (1977) [Adams, 1979 #30018]
Journal Article 1994 Allard, Francis Interaction and social complexity in Lingnan during the first millennium B.C. Asian Perspectives (1994) [Allard, 1994 #32889]
Journal Article 2002 Aung-Thwin, Michael Origins and development of the field of prehistory in Burma Asian Perspectives (2001) [Aung-Thwin, 2002 #32726]
Journal Article 2003 Jessup, Helen Ibbitson Review of "Heaven and Empire: Khmer Bronzes from the 9th to the 15th Centuries" by Marlene L. Zefferys, Nicholas S. Zefferys, and Jeffery Stone Asian Perspectives (2003) [Jessup, 2003 #31878]
Journal Article 2015 Lopes, Rui Oliveira Securing the harmoney between the high and the low: power animals and symbols of political authority in ancient Chinese jades and bronzes Asian Perspectives (2014) [Lopes, 2015 #26850]
Journal Article 2019 Davey, Jack Culture Contact and Cultural Boundaries in Iron Age Southern Korea Asian Perspectives: The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific [Davey, 2019 #18983]
Book Section 1990 Glover, Ian C. Beads and bronzes: archaeological indicators of trade Asian trade routes: continental and maritime [Glover, 1990 #23792]
Journal Article 1981 Bintarti, D. D. The bronze object from Kabila, West Sabu, Lesser Sunda Islands Aspects of Indonesia Archaeology [Bintarti, 1981 #29949]