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Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra Angkor Borei and protohistoric trade networks: a view from the glass and stone bead assemblage Asian Perspectives [Carter, 2021 #37125]
Journal Article 2020 Munan, Heidi Stone Beads of South and Southeast Asia: Archaeology, Ethnography, and Global Connections ed. by Alok Kumar Kanungo (review) Asian Perspectives [Munan, 2020 #36886]
Journal Article 2021 Georjon, Cloé Late Neolithic to early-mid Bronze Age semi-precious stone bead production and consumption at Oakaie and Nyaung'gan in central-northern Myanmar Archaeological Research in Asia [Georjon, 2021 #36881]
Book Section 2018 Carter, Alison Kyra Tracing the trade of heirloom beads across Zomia: a preliminary analysis of beads from the upland regions of northeast India and mainland Southeast Asia The Archaeology of Portable Art: Southeast Asian, Pacific, and Australian Perspectives [Carter, 2018 #22223]
Journal Article 1989 Francis, Peter, Jr. The Takua-Pa inscription and the Indo-Pacific beadmakers Margaretologist: the Journal of the Center for Bead Research [Francis, 1989 #26965]
Book Section in a Series 2016 Carter, Alison K. Determining the provenience of garnet beads using LA-ICP-MS Recent Advances in Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Archaeology [Carter, 2016 #25345]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Saitowitz, S. J. Physical and chemical analysis of glass beads and glassy slag from Iron Age sites in northeast Thailand: preliminary findings Australasian Connections and New Directions: Proceedings of the 7th Australasian Archaeometry Conference [Saitowitz, 2011 #25343]
Journal Article 2016 Abraham, Shinu Anna Glass beads and glass production in early South India: Contextualizing Indo-Pacific bead manufacture Archaeological Research in Asia [Abraham, 2016 #27026]
Journal Article 2016 Pion, Constantin Indo-Pacific glass beads from the Indian subcontinent in Early Merovingian graves (5th–6th century AD) Archaeological Research in Asia [Pion, 2016 #27024]
Book Section 1992 Veraprasert, Mayuree Khlong Thom: an ancient bead-manufacturing location and an ancient entrepôt Early metallurgy, trade and urban centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia [Veraprasert, 1992 #22651]
Book 1995 Rasmussen, Marianne Glass beads: cultural history, technology, experiment and analogy [Rasmussen, 1995 #20219]
Journal Article 1981 Possehl, Gregory Cambay beadmaking: an ancient craft in modern India Expedition [Possehl, 1981 #28934]
Journal Article 1982 Wright, P. W. M. The bow drill and the drilling of beads, Kabul 1981 Afghan Studies [Wright, 1982 #29241]
Thesis 1984 Williams, L. A new approach to the study of bead-making workshop practices with special reference to carnelian and agate beads from Don Ta Phet, Thailand Institute of Archaeology [Williams, 1984 #36375]
Book Section 1989 White, R. Production complexity and standardization in early Aurignacian bead and pendant manufacture: evolutionary implications The human revolution: behavioural and biological perspectives on the origins of modern humans [White, 1989 #23614]
Journal Article 1937 MacKay, Ernest Beadmaking in ancient Sind Journal of the American Oriental Society [MacKay, 1937 #29349]
Book 1995 Kock, Jan Glass, glass beads and glassmakers in Northern India [Kock, 1995 #20461]
Magazine Article 1986 Kenoyer, J. M. The Indus bead industry and its contribution to bead technology Ornament [Kenoyer, 1986 #36048]
Journal Article 1990 Karanth, R. V. The diamond drill used in the Cambay bead industry Journal of Gemmology [Karanth, 1990 #29456]
Journal Article 1986 Jhaveri, Ravindra Flying Fingers Lapidary Journal [Jhaveri, 1986 #29462]
Journal Article 1989 Gwinnett, A. J. Evidence for mass production polishing in ancient bead manufacture Archaeomaterials [Gwinnett, 1989 #29622]
Journal Article 1987 Gwinnett, A. J. Evidence for the use of a diamond drill for beadmaking in Sri Lanka, ca. AD 700-1000 Archaeomaterials [Gwinnett, 1987 #29620]
Journal Article 1991 Gwinnett, A. J. Bead manufacture at Hajar ar-Rayhani, Yemen Biblical Archaeologist [Gwinnett, 1991 #29617]
Journal Article 1996 Gorelick, L. An examination of the methods used to make the semiprecious stone beads from Ban Don Ta Phet, Thailand Bead Study Trust Newsletter [Gorelick, 1996 #29616]
Journal Article 1993 Francis, Peter, Jr. South Indian stone beadmaking Margaretologist: the Journal of the Center for Bead Research [Francis, 1993 #29690]
Journal Article 1985 Francis, Peter, Jr. Chinese beadmakers in Java Margaretologist: the Journal of the Center for Bead Research [Francis, 1985 #29686]
Magazine Article 1986 Francis, Peter, Jr. Bead report 17: the Asian bead study tour part III, a tale of two beadmaking cities. Ornament [Francis, 1986 #36061]
Journal Article 1986 Francis, Peter, Jr. Collar beads: a new typology and a new perspective on ancient Indian beadmaking Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute [Francis, 1986 #29697]
Book 1988 Francis, Peter, Jr. The glass trade beads of Europe: their manufacture, their history, and their identification [Francis, 1988 #20580]
Journal Article 1982 Chevalier, J. Technique de perforation par percussion de perles en cornaline (Larsa, Iraq) Paléorient [Chevalier, 1982 #29886]