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Book 1927 Parmentier, Henri L'art khmèr primitif Gendered labor in specialized economies: archaeological perspectives on female and male work [Parmentier, 1927 #19746]
Book 1927 Parmentier, Henri L'art khmèr primitif Publications de I'Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient [Parmentier, 1927 #20923]
Journal Article 1937 Heine-Geldern, Robert L'art Prebouddique de la Chine et de l'Asie du Sud-est et son influence en Océanie Revue des Arts Asiatiques [Heine-Geldern, 1937 #32492]
Newspaper Article 1937 Janse, Olov Robert Thure Han dynasty art as developed in Indo-China Illustrated London News [Janse, 1937 #36129]
Journal Article 1951 Stern, Philippe Diversité et rythme des fondations royales khmères Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Stern, 1951 #26887]
Journal Article 1951 Karlgren, Bernhard Notes on the grammar of early bronze décor Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Karlgren, 1951 #32638]
Journal Article 1952 Boisselier, Jean Précisions sur la statuaire du style d'Ankor Vat Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Boisselier, 1952 #26884]
Journal Article 1952 Dupont, Pierre Les linteaux khmèrs du VIIe siècle Artibus Asiae [Dupont, 1952 #28366]
Journal Article 1955 Dupont, Pierre La Statuaire Préangkorienne Artibus Asiae, Supplementum [Dupont, 1955 #28365]
Journal Article 1956 Boisselier, Jean Arts du Champa et du Cambodge préangkorien. La Date de Mi-so'n E-1 Artibus Asiae [Boisselier, 1956 #28373]
Journal Article 1958 Maenchen-Helfen, O. A Chinese bronze with central-Asiatic motives Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Maenchen-Helfen, 1958 #32617]
Journal Article 1960 Cœdès, George Le portrait dans l'art khmèr Arts Asiatiques [Cœdès, 1960 #31933]
Journal Article 1960 Soper, A. South Chinese influence on the Buddhist art of the six dynasties period Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Soper, 1960 #32611]
Book 1961 Groslier, Bernard Philippe Indochine: carrefour des arts [Groslier, 1961 #20545]
Journal Article 1963 Cheng Te-K'un Animal styles in prehistoric and Shang China Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Cheng 1963 #32602]
Journal Article 1965 Bénisti, Mireille Représentations khmères de Viṣṇu couché Arts Asiatiques [Bénisti, 1965 #28378]
Book 1966 Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish Introduction to Indian art [Coomaraswamy, 1966 #20670]
Book Section 1966 Heine-Geldern, Robert Some tribal art styles of Southeast Asia: an experiment in art history The many faces of primitive art [Heine-Geldern, 1966 #23769]
Journal Article 1968 Boisselier, Jean Les linteaux Khmers du VIIIe siècle. Nouvelles données sur le style de Kompong Prah Artibus Asiae [Boisselier, 1968 #28372]
Journal Article 1968 Bénisti, Mireille Recherches sur le premier art khmer : I. les linteaux dits de Thala Borivat Arts Asiatiques [Bénisti, 1968 #28377]
Book Section 1981 Smith, Cyril Stanley On art, invention, and technology A search for structure: selected essays on science, art, and history [Smith, 1981 #23807]
Journal Article 1981 Heyerdahl, Thor The heterogeneity of small sculptures on Easter island before 1886 Asian Perspectives (1979) [Heyerdahl, 1981 #33104]
Journal Article 1982 Dowling, Nancy H. Burmese Lokapalas: a problem of identification Journal of the Siam Society [Dowling, 1982 #36790]
Journal Article 1983 O'Connor, Stanley J. Art critics, connoisseurs, and collectors in the Southeast Asian rain forest: a study in cross-cultural art theory Journal of Southeast Asian History [O'Connor, 1983 #32299]
Book Section 1984 Cribb, Joe The origin of the Buddha image - the numismatic evidence South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Cribb, 1984 #23345]
Journal Article 1987 Solheim, Wilhelm G. Chinese and Southeast Asian art styles and their relationship Asian Perspectives (1982-1983) [Solheim, 1987 #28966]
Book Section 1989 Krairiksh, Piriya Nature symbols and motifs in Thai art Culture and environment in Thailand [Krairiksh, 1989 #25021]
Journal Article 1989 Brown, Robert L. The Pong Tuk lamp: a reconsideration Journal of the Siam Society [Brown, 1989 #35310]
Journal Article 1989 Lufan, Chen A preliminary analysis of important cultural relics of the Nanzhao-Dali Kingdom Journal of the Siam Society [Lufan, 1989 #36715]
Journal Article 1990 Di Crocco, Virginia M. Banbhore, an important river port on the ceramic and glass routes: a transit area for art styles from the West to Thailand and Burma circa 1st c. B.C. - 13th c. A.D Journal of the Siam Society [Di 1990 #35300]