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Journal Article 1941 Baradat, R. Les Sâmrê ou Péâr: population primitive de l'ouest du Cambodge Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Baradat, 1941 #26910]
Journal Article 1952 Von Koenigswald, G. H. R. Evidence of a prehistoric australomelanesoid population in Malaya and Indonesia Southwestern Journal of Anthropology [Von 1952 #35215]
Book Section 1980 McDonald, Peter An historical perspective to population growth in Indonesia Indonesia: the making of a culture [McDonald, 1980 #24015]
Book Section 1980 Christenson, Andrew L. Change in the human food niche in response to population growth Modeling change in prehistoric subsistence economics [Christenson, 1980 #24574]
Journal Article 1980 Vo Hung, Ban them ve su sap xep cac nhom loa i hinh chung toc o Viêt Nam [ Further notes on the classification of racial types in Viêt Nam ] Khao Co Hoc [Vo 1980 #31321]
Journal Article 1980 Casteel, Richard W. Estimated Ainu population density on the Island of Hokkaido: a test of the P<sub>max(2)</sub> model Asian Perspectives (1978) [Casteel, 1980 #33123]
Journal Article 1981 A. Adi Sukadana Human remains from Liang Bua and their affinities with the finds from Lewoleba and Melolo Indonesian Journal of Bioanthropology [A. 1981 #31549]
Journal Article 1981 Terrell, John Population genetics, biological models and the prehistory of the south west Pacific Archaeology in Oceania [Terrell, 1981 #32384]
Journal Article 1982 Nguyen Quang Quyen, Ban luan them ve cac loai hinh nhan chung o Viêt Nam va van de nguon goc nguoi Viet ( Kinh ) [ New thoughts on human types in Vietnam and on the question of the origin of the Viets ( Kinh )] Khao Co Hoc [Nguyen 1982 #31288]
Journal Article 1987 Nguyen Dinh Khoa, Mot khung phan loai cua nganh Mongoloid [ A classification frame for Mongoloid branch] Khao Co Hoc [Nguyen 1987 #31114]
Book Section 1990 Sumner, W. M. An archaeological estimate of population trends since 6000 BC in the Kur River Basin, Fars Province, Iran South Asian Archaeology 1987. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice [Sumner, 1990 #23295]
Journal Article 1993 Harpending, Henry C. The genetic structure of ancient human populations Current Anthropology [Harpending, 1993 #28501]
Journal Article 1993 Bellwood, Peter S. Cultural and biological differentiation in peninsular Malaysia: the last 10,000 years Asian Perspectives (1993) [Bellwood, 1993 #32914]
Book Section 1994 Vickery, Michael What and where was Chenla? Recherches nouvelles sur le Cambodge [Vickery, 1994 #23265]
Book Section 1994 Tani, Masakazu Why should more pots break in larger households? Mechanisms underlying population estimates from ceramics Kalinga Ethnoarchaeology: Expanding Archaeological Method and Theory [Tani, 1994 #24731]
Journal Article 1994 Kondo, Osamu The skulls of Ubayama shell-mounds. II. An analysis of intra- and inter-regional variation of the Jomon population Anthropological Science [Kondo, 1994 #31987]
Journal Article 1994 Matsumura, Hirofumi A microevolutional history of the Japanese people from a dental characteristics perspective Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 1994 #31988]
Journal Article 1995 Baer, A. S. Human genes and biocultural history in Southeast Asia Asian Perspectives (1995) [Baer, 1995 #32843]
Journal Article 1997 Sallares, R. Review of "The history and geography of human genes by L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, P. Menozzi and A. Piazza Ancient Biomolecules [Sallares, 1997 #32394]
Journal Article 1998 Kumar, Ann An Indonesian component in the Yayoi?: the evidence of biological anthropology Anthropological Science [Kumar, 1998 #31968]
Thesis-PhD 1998 Hawkey, Diane Elizabeth Out of Asia: dental evidence for affinities and microevolution of early populations from India/Sri Lanka [Hawkey, 1998 #36547]
Book Section 1999 Budda, P. Pb and Sr isotope composition of human dental enamel: an indicator of Pacific islander population dynamics Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Budda, 1999 #23993]
Journal Article 2000 Gin, Ooi Keat Historical writings on the indigenous peoples of Sarawak since 1945: a brief review and some proposals Sarawak Museum Journal [Gin, 2000 #28524]
Journal Article 2000 Veth, P. The mystery of the Ujir Site: insights into the early historic settlement of the Aru Islands, Maluku Bulletin of the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology [Veth, 2000 #29298]
Journal Article 2001 Evison, Martin P. Population studies using HLA Ancient Biomolecules [Evison, 2001 #32450]
Journal Article 2001 Graver, Alison M. Mitochondrial DNA research in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: a preliminary report Ancient Biomolecules [Graver, 2001 #32454]
Journal Article 2002 Gerstenberger, Julia Reconstruction of residence patterns through genetic typing of skeletal remains of an early medieval population Ancient Biomolecules [Gerstenberger, 2002 #32457]
Journal Article 2002 Tallis, G. M. Misclassification, correlation, and cause of death studies Human Biology [Tallis, 2002 #33718]
Journal Article 2002 Eller, Elise Effects of ascertainment bias on recovering human demographic history Human Biology [Eller, 2002 #33719]
Journal Article 2002 Yanagihara, Richard JC virus genotypes in the Western Pacific suggest Asian mainland relationships and virus association with early population movements Human Biology [Yanagihara, 2002 #33722]