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Journal Article 1910 Maybon, Charles B. Une factorerie anglaise au Tonkin au XVIIe siècle (1672-1697) Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Maybon, 1910 #27320]
Journal Article 1907 Hoang, P. Pierre Extrait d'une concordance des chronologies néoméniques chinoise et européenne Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Hoang, 1907 #27408]
Journal Article 1906 Maybon, C. B. Les anglais à Macao en 1802 et 1808 Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Maybon, 1906 #27424]
Journal Article 1905 Vogel, J. Ph. Le Parinirvàna d'Ânanda, d'après un bas-relief gréco-bouddhique Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Vogel, 1905 #27442]
Journal Article 2016 Pradiptajati Kusuma, Western Eurasian genetic influences in the Indonesian archipelago Quaternary International [Pradiptajati 2016 #27611]
Book (Edited) 1993 Reid, Anthony Southeast Asia in the early modern era: trade, power, and belief Asia, East by South [Reid, 1993 #21372]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Veth, Peter The Ujir site: an early historic maritime settlement in northwestern Aru The archaeology of the Aru Islands, eastern Indonesia [Veth, 2007 #25398]
Book Section 2009 Eusebio, Michelle S. Did our church builders use egg whites as mortar ingredients? The biomolecular reason behind collecting mortars from historical sites Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists [Eusebio, 2009 #22710]
Book Section 2012 Kessler, Oliver The Taprobanian Revolution and the paradigm shift away from the Ptolemaic model of Asia — archaeology and history of ancient seafaring in the Indian ocean Connecting empires and states: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Kessler, 2012 #22812]
BAR Section 1991 Sidebotham, S. E. Ports of the Red Sea and the Arabia-India trade Eastern frontier of the Roman Empire [Sidebotham, 1991 #19662]
Thesis 1962 Quiason, Serafin D. English trade relations with the Philippines 1644-1765 History [Quiason, 1962 #36354]
Book 1969 Miller, James Innes The spice trade of the Roman Empire, 29 B.C. to A.D. 641 [Miller, 1969 #20368]
Book in a Series 2008 Kuzmina, E. E. The prehistory of the Silk Road [Kuzmina, 2008 #21739]
Conference Paper 2003 Glover, I. C. State formation in early Southeast Asia with particular reference to the role of exchange networks with India and the Mediterranean world The emergence of statehood in early Southeast Asia [Glover, 2003 #26446]
Journal Article 1996 Cribbs, J. Chinese coin finds from Arabia and the Arabian gulf Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy [Cribbs, 1996 #29815]
Book (Edited) 1975 Chittick, N. East Africa and the Orient: cultural syntheses in pre-colonial times [Chittick, 1975 #21513]
Journal Article 1937 Gardner, G. B. Ancient beads from the Johore River as evidence of an early link by sea between Malaya and the Roman Empire Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland [Gardner, 1937 #31653]
Journal Article 1969 Reid, Anthony Sixteenth century Turkish influence in western Indonesia Journal of Southeast Asian History [Reid, 1969 #32310]
Journal Article 1969 Boxer, G. R. A note on Portuguese reactions to the revival of the Red Sea spice trade and the rise of Atjeh, 1540-1600 Journal of Southeast Asian History [Boxer, 1969 #32309]
Journal Article 2000 Setudeh-Nejad, Shahab The encounter between Champa and Persia: research on the impact of West-Asiatic cosmology in Southeast Asia SPAFA Journal [Setudeh-Nejad, 2000 #34297]
Book Section 1996 Bronson, Bennet Chinese and middle eastern trade in southern Thailand during the 9th century A.D Ancient trades and cultural contacts in Southeast Asia [Bronson, 1996 #24903]