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Journal Article 2017 Gómez-Zeledón, Javier TaqMan qPCR pushes boundaries for the analysis of millennial wood Journal of Archaeological Science [Gómez-Zeledón, 2017 #26834]
Journal Article 1999 Wayne, Robert K. Full of sound and fury: the recent history of ancient DNA Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Wayne, 1999 #30057]
Journal Article 1999 Okumura, Naohiko Variations in mitochondrial DNA of dogs from archaeological sites in Japan and neighbouring islands Anthropological Science [Okumura, 1999 #31971]
Journal Article 2002 Burger, J. Species determination using species-discriminating PCR-RFLP of ancient DNA from prehistoric skeletal remains Ancient Biomolecules [Burger, 2002 #32458]
Journal Article 2002 Arroyo-Pardo, E. HPLC and UV-spectrophotometry examination of ancient DNA and PCR inhibitors in old human remains Ancient Biomolecules [Arroyo-Pardo, 2002 #32456]
Journal Article 2001 Dixon, Ronald A. Modern and ancient scourges: the application of ancient DNA to the analysis of tuberculosis and leprosy from archaeologically derived human remains Ancient Biomolecules [Dixon, 2001 #32449]
Journal Article 2001 Sallares, Robert Biomolecular archaeology of malaria Ancient Biomolecules [Sallares, 2001 #32448]
Journal Article 2000 MacHugh, David E. The extraction and analysis of ancient DNA from bone and teeth: a survey of current methodologies Ancient Biomolecules [MacHugh, 2000 #32445]
Journal Article 1999 Tofanelli, Sergio Recovering ancient DNA by streptavidin-coated magnetic beads and biotinylated oligonucleotides (target-hooking) Ancient Biomolecules [Tofanelli, 1999 #32434]
Journal Article 1998 Brown, K. A. Gender and sex - what can ancient DNA tell us? Ancient Biomolecules [Brown, 1998 #32418]
Journal Article 1997 Taylor, G. M. A sensitive polymerase chain reaction method for the detection of plasmodium species DNA in ancient hman remains Ancient Biomolecules [Taylor, 1997 #32410]
Journal Article 1997 Montiel, R. Overcoming PCR inhibitors in ancient DNA extracts from teeth Ancient Biomolecules [Montiel, 1997 #32407]