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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1975 Solheim, W. G. The Nusantao and South China Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society [Solheim, 1975 #28777]
Book Section 2004 Meacham, William Solheim and Austronesian origins Southeast Asian archaeology: Wilhelm G. Solheim II Festschrift [Meacham, 2004 #24262]
Journal Article 2000 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II Taiwan, coastal south China, and northern Viêt Nam and the Nusantao maritime trading network Journal of East Asian Archaeology [Solheim, 2000 #31810]
Journal Article 1996 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II The Nusantao and the north-south dispersals Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Solheim, 1996 #31733]