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Book Section 2016 Ciarla, Roberto A Thai gentleman, a Thai archaeological site and we: 1988–1993 Thai-Italian investigations at Tha Kae, Lopburi Multidisciplinary studies on Lopburi [Ciarla, 2016 #22220]
Book Section 1984 Bhumadhon, Phuthorn Some archaeological finds from the excavation at Ban Tha Khae, 1983 Archaeological site: Ban Tha Khae [Bhumadhon, 1984 #22221]
Journal Article 2017 Ciarla, Roberto Shell personal ornaments craft at the site of Tha Kae, Lopburi Province, Central Thailand: tracing the southward dispersal of the drilling technique Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Ciarla, 2017 #27042]
Thesis 2005 Sforzini, L. Conservazione e restauro di manufatti in piombo dal sito di Tha Kae (provincia di Lopburi, Thailandia centrale) [Sforzini, 2005 #36335]
Book Section 2005 Natapintu, S. The contribution of archaeology to the improvement of life quality at Ban Pong Manao village, Lopburi Province, central Thailand La cultura Thailandese e le relazioni Italo-Thai: actes du colloque (20-21 mai 2004, Turin) [Natapintu, 2005 #22866]
Book Section 1997 Rispoli, F. The Lopburi Regional Archaeological Project and its implications First International Conference on Italian-Thai Studies: From the Nineteenth Century to the Present [Rispoli, 1997 #22865]
Book Section 1997 Ciarla, Roberto Lopburi Regional Archaeological Project Missioni archeologiche italiane: la ricerca archeologica, antropologica, etnologica [Ciarla, 1997 #22869]
Conference Paper 2009 Rispoli, Fiorella Towards a working chronology for central Thailand: revising the sequence for the Khao Wong Prachan Valley and the greater Lopburi region. Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference [Rispoli, 2009 #26427]
Book 1981 Nakornsri, Nikorn Geology and mineral resources of the map sheet Amphoe Ban Mi [Nakornsri, 1981 #20066]
Journal Article 2007 Ciarla, Roberto A preliminary report on Lo.R.A.P. archaeological excavations at prehistoric Khao Sai On, Lopburi Province, Central Thailand East and West [Ciarla, 2007 #28556]
Journal Article 2008 Ciarla, Roberto The Thai-Italian 'Lopburi Regional Archaeological Project' (LoRAP): excavation at Khao Sai On-Noen Din 2008: preliminary report East and West [Ciarla, 2008 #28555]
Conference Paper 2010 Pigott, V. C. Revising the prehistoric cultural sequence for the greater Lopburi region, Central Thailand: an update 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Pigott, 2010 #26434]