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Journal Article 2020 Hidalgo Tan, Noel Mainland Southeast Asia: rock art Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology [Hidalgo 2020 #37242]
Journal Article Ehrenreich, Robert M. Book Reviews Journal of Anthropological Research [Ehrenreich, #37006]
Book Section in a Series 2019 Pigott, Vincent C. Prehistoric copper mining and smelting in Southeast Asia: evidence from Thailand and Laos Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2C: the metal remains in regional context [Pigott, 2019 #36916]
Journal Article 1981 Dessaint, William Y. The T'in (Mal), dry rice cultivators of northern Thailand and northern Laos Journal of the Siam Society [Dessaint, 1981 #36796]
Journal Article 2015 Cheesman, Patricia A new method of classification for Tai textiles Journal of the Siam Society [Cheesman, 2015 #36672]
Journal Article 2016 Tsan, Le Jiem Highland chiefs and regional networks in mainland Southeast Asia: Mien perspectives Southeast Asian Studies [Tsan, 2016 #26990]
Journal Article 1911 Guignard, Th. Note sur une peuplade des montagnes du Quáng-Bīnh: les Tầc-cúi Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Guignard, 1911 #27299]
Journal Article 2016 Pryce, Thomas Oliver Metallurgical traditions and metal exchange networks in late prehistoric central Myanmar, c. 1000 BC to c. AD 500 Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Pryce, 2016 #27565]
Book 1864 Mouhot, Henri Travels in the central parts of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia, and Laos : during the years 1858, 1859, and 1860 [Mouhot, 1864 #19769]
Journal Article 1996 Nitta, E. Comparative study on the jar burial traditions in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos Historical Science Reports of Kagoshima University [Nitta, 1996 #27679]
Book Section 2015 Ward, Stacey Cremation in mainland Southeast Asia: an overview The Routledge handbook of bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [Ward, 2015 #22457]
Book 1894 d'Orléans, (Prince) Henri Around Tonkin and Siam [d'Orléans, 1894 #19859]
Journal Article 1989 Cohen, Erik International politics and the transformation of folk crafts— the Hmong (Meo) of Thailand and Laos Journal of the Siam Society [Cohen, 1989 #27913]
Journal Article 2004 Zoppi, U. The contribution of <sup>14</sup>C AMS dating to Greater Angkor archaeological project Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms [Zoppi, 2004 #27930]
Journal Article 2014 Murphy, Stephen A. Buddhism and its relationship to Dvaravati period settlement patterns and material culture in northeast Thailand and central Laos c. sixth-eleventh centuries A.D.: a historical ecology approach to the landscape of the Khorat Plateau Asian Perspectives (2013) [Murphy, 2014 #28032]
Book Section 2014 Lorrillard, Michel Pre-Angkorian communities in the Middle Mekong Valley (Laos and adjacent areas) Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology [Lorrillard, 2014 #22641]
Journal Article 2014 Evans, Grant The Ai-Lao and Nan Chao/Tali Kingdom: a re-orientation Journal of the Siam Society [Evans, 2014 #28103]
Journal Article 2014 Tan, Noel Hidalgo Rock art research in Southeast Asia: an synthesis Arts [Tan, 2014 #28180]
Book Section 1996 Lovatt Smith, P. F. A Mid-Cretaceous inversion in the Northern Khorat Plateau of Lao PDR and Thailand Tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia [Lovatt 1996 #23130]
Book 1977 Workman, D. R. Geology of Laos, Cambodia, south Vietnam and the eastern part of Thailand [Workman, 1977 #20064]
Journal Article 1998 Rooney, Dawn F. In the footsteps of Henri Mouhot: a French explorer in 19th century Thailand, Cambodia and Laos SPAFA Journal [Rooney, 1998 #28887]
Book 2008 Zeitoun, V. Préhistoires au sud du Triangle d'Or [Zeitoun, 2008 #20228]
Book 1997 Honda, Hiromu The beauty of fired clay: ceramics from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand [Honda, 1997 #20339]
Book 1864 Mouhot, Henri Travels in the central parts of Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia, and Laos, during the years 1858, 1859, and 1860 [Mouhot, 1864 #20361]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Book 1990 Naenna, Patricia Costume and culture: vanishing textiles of some of the Tai groups of Laos PDR [Naenna, 1990 #20852]
Book Section 2002 Stuart-Fox, Martin On the writing of Lao history: continuities and discontinuities Breaking new ground in Lao history: essays on the seventh to twentieth centuries [Stuart-Fox, 2002 #24326]
Book 2002 Higham, Charles Early cultures of mainland Southeast Asia [Higham, 2002 #20968]
Journal Article 1999 Bowdery, Doreen Phytoliths from tropical sediments: reports from Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bowdery, 1999 #35480]
Journal Article 2000 Schepartz, L. A. Upland resources and the early Palaeolithic occupation of Southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Burma World Archaeology [Schepartz, 2000 #35652]