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Book Section 1992 Chisholm, Brian S. Carbon isotopic determination of paleodiet in Japan: marine versus terrestrial sources Pacific Northeast Asia in prehistory: hunter-fisher-gatherers, farmers, and sociopolitical elites [Chisholm, 1992 #24631]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Tanso Antei Douitai Hihou ni yoru Kodai Shokusei no Kenkyu (Research on paleodiet by means of stable carbon isotope ratios) Kokogaku to Shizenkagaku [Chisholm, 1988 #34758]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Study of paleodiet using stable-carbon isotopic analysis Archaeology and Natural Science [Chisholm, 1988 #34759]
Journal Article 1960 Chosuke Serizawa, The oldest archaeological materials from Japan Asian Perspectives (1958) [Chosuke 1960 #28026]
Book 1979 Cort, Louise Allison Shigaraki, potters' valley [Cort, 1979 #20270]
Book Section 1992 Crawford, G. W. The transitions to agriculture in Japan Transitions to agriculture in prehistory [Crawford, 1992 #23867]
Journal Article 1990 Crawford, G. W. The origins and implications of late prehistoric plant husbandry in Northern Japan Antiquity [Crawford, 1990 #29820]
Book Section 2017 Crawford, Gary W. Plant domestication in East Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Crawford, 2017 #22298]
Journal Article 1978 Crawford, Gary W. Implications of plant remains from the early Jomon, Hamanasuno site Asian Perspectives (1976) [Crawford, 1978 #33153]
Journal Article 2016 Crema, Enrico R. Summed probability distribution of 14C dates suggests regional divergences in the population dynamics of the Jomon period in Eastern Japan PLOS One [Crema, 2016 #26611]
Thesis-PhD D'Andrea, Catherine A. Palaeoethnobotany of Later Jomon and Early Yayoi cultures in northeastern Japan: northeastern Aomori and southwestern Hokkaido [D'Andrea, #36503]
Book Section 1995 De Vos, George A. Cultural identity and minority status in Japan Ethnic identity: creation, conflict, and accommodation [De 1995 #23211]
Journal Article 2012 Dikshit, K. N. The earliest pottery in East Asia: a review Puratattva [Dikshit, 2012 #28350]
Journal Article 2016 Dixon, Boyd Okinawa as transported landscape: understanding Japanese archaeological remains on Tinian using Ryūkyū ethnohistory and ethnography Asian Perspectives (2015) [Dixon, 2016 #26845]
Journal Article 2015 Dixon, Boyd Review of <i>Ancient Ryūkyū: An Archaeological Study of Island Communities</i> Asian Perspectives (2014) [Dixon, 2015 #27925]
Journal Article 2013 Dixon, Boyd The archaeology of World War II Japanese stragglers on the island of Guam and the Bushido code Asian Perspectives (2012) [Dixon, 2013 #28243]
Book Section 1992 Dodo, Yukio Population history of Japan: a cranial nonmetric approach The evolution and dispersal of modern humans in Asia [Dodo, 1992 #24828]
Journal Article 2012 Dugtong-Yap, Cherry Amor Illicit flirtations: labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo Southeast Asian Studies [Dugtong-Yap, 2012 #28266]
Book Section 2015 Eiji Izawa, Iron lumps formed from the ancient copper smelting: an example from Naganobori, Japan Metals and civilizations [Eiji 2015 #22404]
Conference Proceeding 1972 Fuji, Norio Palynological study on 200 meters core sample of Lake Biwa in Japan Proceedings on the Japan Academy [Fuji, 1972 #26553]
Journal Article 1995 Fujita, Hisashi Geographical and chronological differences in dental caries in the Neolithic Jomon Period of Japan Anthropological Science [Fujita, 1995 #31993]
Journal Article 1991 Goto, Akira Review of "Protohistoric Yamato: archaeology of the first Japanese state" by Gina L. Barnes Asian Perspectives (1991) [Goto, 1991 #32942]
Journal Article 2002 Hall, M. Pottery production on Rishiri Island, Japan: perspectives form x-ray flourescence studies Archaeometry [Hall, 2002 #31866]
Journal Article 2006 Hammer, Michael Dual origins of the Japanese: common ground for hunter-gatherer and farmer Y chromosomes Journal of Human Genetics [Hammer, 2006 #28617]
Journal Article 1994 Hashiguchi, Naotake The Izu Islands: their role in the historical development of ancient Japan Asian Perspectives (1994) [Hashiguchi, 1994 #32873]
Journal Article 2003 Higa, Takako Dental variation of Ryukyu Islanders: a comparative study among Ryukyu, Ainu, and other Asian populations American Journal of Human Biology [Higa, 2003 #32539]
Journal Article 1989 Hisanaga, A. Variation of trace metals in ancient and contemporary Japanese bones Biological Trace Element Research [Hisanaga, 1989 #34663]
Journal Article 1978 Hitchins, Patricia Technical studies on materials from Yayoi Period Japan: their role in archaeological interpretation Asian Perspectives (1976) [Hitchins, 1978 #33148]
Book 1999 Hudson, M. Ruins of identity: ethnogenesis in the Japanese Islands [Hudson, 1999 #20505]
Journal Article 2006 Hudson, Mark Review of "William Gowland: the father of Japanese archaeology" by Victor Harris and Kazuo Goto, eds. Asian Perspectives (2006) [Hudson, 2006 #30269]