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Book Section in a Series 2013 Sugandhi, Namita Conquests of Dharma: Network Models and the Study of Ancient Polities Territoriality in Archaeology [Sugandhi, 2013 #18938]
Journal Article 2019 Fuller, Dorian Q. Cajanus cajan (L.) Mill sp. origins and domestication: the South and Southeast Asian archaeobotanical evidence Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution [Fuller, 2019 #18957]
BAR Section 1991 Sidebotham, S. E. Ports of the Red Sea and the Arabia-India trade Eastern frontier of the Roman Empire [Sidebotham, 1991 #19662]
Book 1927 Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. History of Indian and Indonesian art [Coomaraswamy, 1927 #19833]
Book 1923 Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. Portfolio of Indian art: objects selected from the collections of the museum [Coomaraswamy, 1923 #19838]
Book 1944 Cœdès, George Histoire ancienne des états hindouisés d'Extrême-Orient [Cœdès, 1944 #19865]
Book 1971 Agrawal, D. P. The copper bronze age in India: an integrated archaeological study of the copper bronze age in India in the light of chronological, technological, and ecological factors, ca. 3000-500 B.C. [Agrawal, 1971 #19868]
Book 1978 Singh, H. B. Wild edible plants of India [Singh, 1978 #19872]
Book 1997 Heitzman, James Gifts of power: lordship in an early Indian state [Heitzman, 1997 #19919]
Book 1982 Gittinger, Mattiebelle Master dyers to the world: technique and trade in early Indian dyed cotton textiles [Gittinger, 1982 #19940]
Book 1991 Gillow, John Traditional Indian textiles [Gillow, 1991 #19942]
Book 1992 Davis, Richard H, Ritual in an oscillating universe: worshipping Śiva in medieval India [Davis, 1992 #19944]
Book 1993 Härtel, Herbert Excavations at Sonkh: 2500 years of a town in Mathura district [Härtel, 1993 #20034]
Book 1960 Dani, Ahmad Hasan Prehistory and protohistory of eastern India, with a detailed account of the neolithic cultures in mainland South East Asia [Dani, 1960 #20036]
Book 1986 Ray, Himanshu Prabha Monastery and Guild: Commerce Under the Sātavāhanas [Ray, 1986 #20045]
Book 1997 Trautmann, Thomas R. Aryans and British India [Trautmann, 1997 #20111]
Book 1928 Warmington, E. H. The commerce between the Roman Empire and India [Warmington, 1928 #20120]
Book 1976 Brooks, Robert Stone age painting in India [Brooks, 1976 #20122]
Book 1940 Vats, Madho Sarup Excavations at Harappa, being an account of archaeological excavations at Harappa carried out between the years 1920-21 and 1933-34 [Vats, 1940 #20128]
Book 1976 Tripathi, Vibha The painted grey ware: an iron age culture of northern India [Tripathi, 1976 #20136]
Book 1971 Trautmann, Thomas R. Kautilya and the Arthasastra: a statistical investigation of the authorship and evolution of the text [Trautmann, 1971 #20139]
Book 1987 Tillotson, G. H. R. The Rajput palaces: the development of architectural style, 1450-1750 [Tillotson, 1987 #20142]
Book 1909 Thurston, Edgar Castes and tribes of southern India [Thurston, 1909 #20146]
Book 1984 Thapar, Romila From lineage to state: social formations in the mid-first millennium B. C. in the Ganga Valley [Thapar, 1984 #20148]
Book 1992 Sharma, Y. D. Ramajanma Bhumi, Ayodhya : new archaeological discoveries [Sharma, 1992 #20153]
Book 1967 Sinha, Krishna K. Excavations of Sravasti, 1959 [Sinha, 1967 #20175]
Book 1989 Singh, Ravindra N. Ancient Indian glass: archaeology and technology [Singh, 1989 #20176]
Book 1982 Sharma, M. J. The upper paleolithic culture of India [Sharma, 1982 #20180]
Book 1958 Sharma, Ram Sharan Sudras in ancient India: a survey of the position of the lower orders down to circa A.D. 500 [Sharma, 1958 #20181]
Book 1980 Sharma, G. R. Beginnings of agriculture [Sharma, 1980 #20182]