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Book 1985 Sen, S. N. Ancient glass and India [Sen, 1985 #20192]
Book 1988 Hsin-ju Liu, Ancient India and ancient China: trade and religious exchanges, AD 1-600 [Hsin-ju 1988 #20437]
Journal Article 1900 Rivett-Carnac, John Henry Ancient Indian beads Journal of Indian Art and Industry [Rivett-Carnac, 1900 #28822]
Book 1927 Majumdar, Ramesh Chandra Ancient Indian colonies in the Far East [Majumdar, 1927 #20417]
Book 1983 Alkazi, Roshen Ancient Indian costume [Alkazi, 1983 #20786]
Book 1989 Singh, Ravindra N. Ancient Indian glass: archaeology and technology [Singh, 1989 #20176]
Book Section 2015 Balasubrmaniam, Ramamurthy Ancient Indian iron and steel and modern scientific insights Metals and civilizations [Balasubrmaniam, 2015 #22397]
Book 1989 Kuppuram, G. Ancient Indian mining, metallurgy, and metal industries [Kuppuram, 1989 #20457]
Journal Article 1992 Pillai, S. G. K. Ancient metal-mirror making in South India: analysing a mysterious alloy Journal of Metals [Pillai, 1992 #28936]
Book Section 1991 Casson, Lionel Ancient naval technology and the route to India Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Casson, 1991 #23398]
Journal Article 2000 Thomas, P. K. Animal subsistence in the Chalcolithic culture of western India (with special reference to Balathal) Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Thomas, 2000 #35638]
Journal Article 1963 Guinet, Ph. Apports récents de la palynologie à l'étude du quaternaire en Inde Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Guinet, 1963 #32140]
Journal Article 2017 Bates, J. Approaching rice domestication in South Asia: new evidence from Indus settlements in northern India Journal of Archaeological Science [Bates, 2017 #26838]
Journal Article 2018 Kingwell-Banham, Eleanor Archaeobotanical investigations into Golbai Sasan and Gopalpur, two Neolithic-Chalcolithic settlements of Odisha Ancient Asia [Kingwell-Banham, 2018 #36837]
Journal Article 2016 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early <i>japonica</i> in South and Southeast Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2016 #27922]
Journal Article 2017 R, Arjun Archaeological Investigations at the Brahmagiri rock shelter: Prospecting for its context in South India late prehistory and early history Archaeological Research in Asia [R, 2017 #27039]
Journal Article 1984 Ghosh, Asok K. Archaeological reconnaissance in the Sanjay Valley, Singhbhum District, Bihar Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Ghosh, 1984 #29171]
Journal Article 1979 Charma, T. C. Archaeology in Assam Ancient Ceylon [Charma, 1979 #28746]
Book Section 1996 Sengupta, G. Archaeology of coastal Bengal Tradition and archaeology: early maritime contacts in the Indian Ocean [Sengupta, 1996 #23426]
Journal Article 1986 Francis, Peter, Jr. Archaeology: Indian antiquity Lapidary Journal [Francis, 1986 #29706]
Book Section in a Series 1997 Srinivasan, Sharada Archaeometallurgical implications of new findings of traditional crafts of making high-tin 'delta' bronze mirrors and 'beta' bronze vessels in Kerala state of South India Materials issues in art and archaeology V [Srinivasan, 1997 #25563]
Book in a Series 1995 Michell, George Architecture and art of southern India : Vijayanagara and the successor states, 1350-1750 [Michell, 1995 #21715]
Book 1992 Asher, Catherine E. B. Architecture of Mughal India [Asher, 1992 #20769]
Journal Article 1983 Begley, Vemala Arikamedu reconsidered American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1983 #29960]
Journal Article 1946 Wheeler, R. E. M. Arikamedu: an Indo-Roman trading- station on the east coast of India Ancient India [Wheeler, 1946 #29271]
Book (Edited) 1979 Despande, M. M. Aryan and non-Aryan in India [Despande, 1979 #21505]
Book 1997 Trautmann, Thomas R. Aryans and British India [Trautmann, 1997 #20111]
Book 1979 Bhardawaj, H. C. Aspects of ancient Indian technology: a research based on scientific methods [Bhardawaj, 1979 #20749]
Journal Article 1985 Roy, Sankar Kumar Aspects of Neolithic agriculture and shifting cultivation, Garo Hills, Meghalaya Asian Perspectives (1981) [Roy, 1985 #33063]
Book 1966 Roy, Sachin Aspects of Padam-Minyong culture [Roy, 1966 #20811]