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Conference Paper 1983 de Casparsis, J. G. India and maritime Southeast Asia: a lasting relationship 3rd Sri Lanka Endowment Fund Lecture [de 1983 #26447]
Book Section 2010 Srinivasan, Sharada Megalithic high-tin bronzes and Peninsular India's 'Living Prehistory' 50 years of archaeology in Southeast Asia: essays in honour of Ian Glover [Srinivasan, 2010 #23445]
Journal Article 2003 Lachaier, Pierre Scott C. Levi : the Indian diaspora in central Asia and its trade, 1550-1900 90-91 [Lachaier, 2003 #27432]
Book Section 1858 Oldham, T. Notes on the geological features of the banks of the Irawadi, and of the country north of Amarapoora A narrative of the mission sent by the governor-general of India to the court of Ava in 1855: with notices of the country, government, and people [Oldham, 1858 #23502]
Book Section 1997 Chakrabarti, Dilip The problem of tin in early India: a preliminary survey A source book of Indian archaeology, vol. II: settlements, technology and trade [Chakrabarti, 1997 #23900]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Sinha, Ishani Changing concepts of Buddhist stupa architecture with special reference to recent excavations in east India Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Sinha, 2020 #36949]
Book Section in a Series 2011 Wood, Sally Percival Constructing an alternative regional identity: Panchsheel and India-China diplomacy at the Asian-African Conference 1955 Alterities in Asia: reflections on identity and regionalism [Wood, 2011 #25543]
Journal Article 1988 Sinopoli, Carla M. The organization of craft production at Vijayanagara, South India American Anthropologist [Sinopoli, 1988 #35938]
Journal Article 1988 Begley, Vemala Rouletted ware at Arikamedu: a new approach American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1988 #29958]
Journal Article 1983 Begley, Vemala Arikamedu reconsidered American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1983 #29960]
Journal Article 1991 Kennedy, K. A. R. Is the Narmada fossil an Indian <i>Homo erectus</i>? American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Kennedy, 1991 #29450]
Journal Article 2006 Hazarika, Manjil Neolithic culture of northeast India: a recent perspective on the origins of pottery and agriculture Ancient Asia [Hazarika, 2006 #28638]
Journal Article 2018 Kingwell-Banham, Eleanor Archaeobotanical investigations into Golbai Sasan and Gopalpur, two Neolithic-Chalcolithic settlements of Odisha Ancient Asia [Kingwell-Banham, 2018 #36837]
Journal Article 1979 Charma, T. C. Archaeology in Assam Ancient Ceylon [Charma, 1979 #28746]
Journal Article 1946 Wheeler, R. E. M. Arikamedu: an Indo-Roman trading- station on the east coast of India Ancient India [Wheeler, 1946 #29271]
Journal Article 1948 Lal, B. B. Sisulpalgargh 1948: an early historical fort in eastern India Ancient India [Lal, 1948 #29410]
Journal Article 1955 Lal, B. B. Excavation at Hastinapur and other explorations in the upper Ganga and Sutlej basins 1950-1952 Ancient India [Lal, 1955 #29417]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Examination of rods of glass-like material from Arikamedu Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #29418]
Journal Article 1948 Ghosh, Amalanada Taxila (Sirkap), 1944-5 Ancient India [Ghosh, 1948 #29669]
Journal Article 1952 Dikshit, M. G. Beads from Ahichhatra Ancient India [Dikshit, 1952 #29790]
Journal Article 1983 Gadil, M. Adaptive significance of the Indian caste system: an ecological perspective Annals of Human Biology [Gadil, 1983 #34707]
Journal Article 2008 Gallon, M. D. The political economy of iron in late prehistoric South India Antiquity [Gallon, 2008 #27849]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. Across the Indian Ocean: the prehistoric movement of plants and animals Antiquity [Fuller, 2011 #28471]
Journal Article 1975 Hedge, K. T. M. The painted grey ware of India Antiquity [Hedge, 1975 #29558]
Journal Article 1995 Hassan, Jamal The World Archaeological Congress in India: politicizing the past Antiquity [Hassan, 1995 #29578]
Journal Article 1976 Chakrabarti, Dilip The beginnings of iron in India Antiquity [Chakrabarti, 1976 #29903]
Journal Article 1936 Arkell, A. J. Cambay and the bead trade Antiquity [Arkell, 1936 #29983]
Journal Article 2021 Craig, Jennifer Refining the chronology and distribution of mid-fifteenth to mid-seventeenth century Indian Ocean world glass Antiquity [Craig, 2021 #36990]
Journal Article 2021 Bhattacharya, Sutonuka Modern reuse of ringstones: a case study from Eastern India Antiquity [Bhattacharya, 2021 #37127]
Journal Article 2016 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early <i>japonica</i> in South and Southeast Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2016 #27922]