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Book Section in a Series 1999 Kolb, Michael J. Staple Finance, Ritual Pig Sacrifice, and Ideological Power in Ancient Hawai'i Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World [Kolb, 1999 #18922]
Journal Article 2015 Dye, Thomas S. Dating human dispersal in remote Oceania: a Bayesian view from Hawai'i World Archaeology [Dye, 2015 #26758]
Journal Article 2015 Dega, Michael Review of <i> Kua'āina Kahiko: life and land in ancient Kahikinui, Maui </i> by Patrick Vinton Kirch Asian Perspectives (2014) [Dega, 2015 #26847]
Journal Article 2016 Kahn, Jennifer G. Settlement chronologies and shifting resource exploitation in Ka‘ū District, Hawaiian Islands Asian Perspectives (2016) [Kahn, 2016 #27468]
Journal Article 2010 Kirch, Patrick V. Intensive dryland agriculture in Kaupō, Maui, Hawaiian Islands Asian Perspectives (2009) [Kirch, 2010 #28462]
Journal Article 1986 Spriggs, M. Review of "Feathered gods and fishhooks - an introduction to Hawaiian archaeology and prehistory" by Patrick V. Kirch Humanities News, Hawaii [Spriggs, 1986 #29038]
Newspaper Article 1987 Chun, Malcolm N. New terms suggested for Hawaiian prehistory Ka Wai Ola O OHA [Chun, 1987 #36122]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Adornment or degradation? Prehistoric human impact on the Hawaiian landscape [Spriggs, 1987 #26440]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Renaming the Hawaiian cultural sequence [Spriggs, 1987 #26439]
Journal Article 1982 Cordy, Ross Archaeological research on the development of complex societies in the Hawaiian Islands Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Cordy, 1982 #29176]
Report 1985 Spriggs, Matthew Archaeology as a resource in Hawaiian studies Report prepared for the Conference on Hawaiian Studies in Education by the Sub-committee on Archaeology [Spriggs, 1985 #36209]
Report 1984 Spriggs, Matthew Field inspection report on previously unrecorded site at mouth of Lawai Valley, Kauai [Spriggs, 1984 #36212]
Report 1983 Spriggs, Matthew A field trip to the "Farms of Kapua" Property, Kapua, Kona, Hawai’i Island [Spriggs, 1983 #36211]
Report 1985 Spriggs, Matthew Appendix A: Notes on Kahana historic land use and settlement pattern Testing of cultural remains associated with the Kahana Desilting Basin, Honolua Watershed, land of Kahana, Lahaina District, county of Maui, Hawaii (TMK:2-4-3-01) [Spriggs, 1985 #36216]
Book Section in a Series 1988 Spriggs, Matthew The Hawaiian transformation of ancestral Polynesian society: conceptualising chiefly states State and society: the emergence and development of social hierarchy and political centralization [Spriggs, 1988 #25628]
Book Section in a Series 1992 Spriggs, Matthew <i>'Auwai, Kanawai</i> and <i>Waiwai</i>: irrigation in Kawailoa-Uka The archaeology of history [Spriggs, 1992 #25619]
Journal Article 1991 Spriggs, Matthew Facing the nation: Hawaiians and archaeologists in an era of sovereignty The Contemporary Pacific [Spriggs, 1991 #29322]
Journal Article 1994 Spriggs, Matthew Ancestral Oceanic society and the origins of the Hawaiians Hawaiian Archaeology [Spriggs, 1994 #29320]
Journal Article 1995 Spriggs, Matthew Roadkill archaeology on Lāna'i: a historic house site at Kahemano (state site 1529) Hawaiian Archaeology [Spriggs, 1995 #29319]
Book in a Series 1992 Kirch, P. V. The archaeology of history [Kirch, 1992 #21727]
Journal Article 1993 Spriggs, Matthew University of Hawaii archaeology field schools: 1950-1984 Hawaiian Archaeology [Spriggs, 1993 #29334]
Journal Article 1993 Kirch, P. V. A radiocarbon chronology for the upper Anahulu Valley, O'ahu Hawaiian Archaeology [Kirch, 1993 #29333]
Book in a Series 1988 Spriggs, Matthew Nā mea ʻimi i ka wā kahiko: an annotated bibliography of Hawaiian archaeology [Spriggs, 1988 #21730]
Book in a Series 1989 Spriggs, Matthew The past, present and future of traditional taro irrigation in the Pacific: an example of traditional ecological knowledge [Spriggs, 1989 #21729]
Journal Article 2007 Bayman, James M. Ideology, political economy, and technological change in the Hawaiian Islands after AD 1778 Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bayman, 2007 #29347]
Journal Article 2004 Kirch, P. V. Environment, agriculture, and settlement patterns in a marginal Polynesian landscape PNAS [Kirch, 2004 #30683]
Journal Article 2004 Vitousek, P.M. Soils, agriculture, and society in precontact Hawai`i Science [Vitousek, 2004 #30686]
Journal Article 1996 Graves, Michael W. Models and methods for inferring the prehistoric colonisation of Hawai'i Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Graves, 1996 #31742]
Journal Article 2003 Stock, Jonathan Paleohydrology of arid southeastern Maui, Hawaiian Islands, and its implications for prehistoric human settlement Quaternary Research [Stock, 2003 #32506]
Journal Article 1975 Morgenstein, Maury Hydration-rind dating for Basaltic glass: a new method for archaeological chronologies Asian Perspectives (1974) [Morgenstein, 1975 #33191]