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Journal Article 2011 Wang, Hua-Wei Mitochondrial DNA evidence supports northeast Indian origin of the aboriginal Andamanese in the Late Paleolithic Journal of Genetic and Genomic [Wang, 2011 #37249]
Journal Article 2023 Woravatin, Wipada South Asian maternal and paternal lineages in southern Thailand and the role of sex-biased admixture Plos One [Woravatin, 2023 #37232]
Journal Article 2019 Westaway, Michael C. The first hominin fleet Nature Ecology & Evolution [Westaway, 2019 #18952]
Journal Article 2018 Gosling, Anne L. The evolutionary history and human settlement of Australia and the Pacific Current Opinion in Genetics & Development [Gosling, 2018 #26622]
Journal Article 2018 Hashom Mohd Hakim A new analysis of population history in Sabah and Sarawak Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review [Hashom 2018 #26658]
Journal Article 2016 Mörseburg, Alexander Multi-layered population structure in Island Southeast Asians European Journal of Human Genetics [Mörseburg, 2016 #27038]