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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book Section in a Series 2013 Sugandhi, Namita Conquests of Dharma: Network Models and the Study of Ancient Polities Territoriality in Archaeology [Sugandhi, 2013 #18938]
Book 2018 Goh, Geok Yian Bagan and the world: early Myanmar and its global connections [Goh, 2018 #19734]
Book 2018 Ray, Himanshu Prabha Archaeology and Buddhism in South Asia [Ray, 2018 #19741]
Book 1927 Krom, Nicolaas Johannes Barabudur, archaeological description [Krom, 1927 #19752]
Book 1925 Lévi, Sylvain Inde et le monde [Lévi, 1925 #19761]
Book 1988 Than Tun Essays on the history of Buddhism of Burma [Than 1988 #19878]
Book 1992 Pichard, Pierre Inventory of monuments at Pagan [Pichard, 1992 #19904]
Book 1998 Swearer, Donald K. The legend of Queen Cāma: Bodhiraṃsi's Cāmadevīvaṃsa, a translation and commentary SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies [Swearer, 1998 #19913]
Book 1995 Carter, John Ross On understanding Buddhists: essays on the Theravāda tradition in Sri Lanka Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica [Carter, 1995 #19914]
Book 1996 Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Sisters in solitude: two traditions of Buddhist monastic ethics for women : a comparative analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan <i>Mūlāsarvāstivada Bhikṣuṇī Prātimokṣa sūtras</i> SUNY Series, Feminist Philosophy [Karma 1996 #19915]
Book 2010 Swearer, Donald K. The Buddhist world of Southeast Asia SUNY Series in Religious Studies [Swearer, 2010 #19916]
Book 1996 Holt, John Clifford The religious world of Kirti Sri: Buddhism, art, and politics in late medieval Sri Lanka [Holt, 1996 #19918]
Book 2002 de Silva, Rajendra Henapala Sigiriya and its significance: a Mahayana-Theravada Buddhist monastery [de 2002 #19930]
Book 1992 Forest, Alain Le culte des génies protecteurs au Cambodge: analyse et traduction d'un corpus de textes sur les neak ta Recherches asiatiques [Forest, 1992 #19959]
Book 1990 Wijayaratna, Mohan Buddhist monastic life: according to the texts of the Theravāda tradition [Wijayaratna, 1990 #19992]
Book 2004 Stratton, Carol Buddhist sculpture of northern Thailand [Stratton, 2004 #19994]
Book 2012 Vajrācārya, Gautamavajra Frog hymns and rain babies: monsoon culture and the art of ancient South Asia [Vajrācārya, 2012 #20035]
Book 2010 Atsawawirunhakan, Praphot The ascendancy of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia [Atsawawirunhakan, 2010 #20051]
Book 2011 McDaniel, Justin Thomas The lovelorn ghost and the magical monk: practicing Buddhism in modern Thailand [McDaniel, 2011 #20107]
Book 1990 von Schroeder, Ulrich Buddhist sculptures of Sri Lanka [von 1990 #20186]
Book 2006 Fogelin, Lars Archaeology of early Buddhism [Fogelin, 2006 #20349]
Book 1966 I-tsing A record of the Buddhist religion as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago [I-tsing 1966 #20502]
Book 2007 Clark, Joyce Bayon: new perspectives [Clark, 2007 #20529]
Book 1985 Lyons, Elizabeth Buddhism: history and diversity of a great tradition [Lyons, 1985 #20532]
Book 1972 Dehejia, V. Early Buddhist rock temples [Dehejia, 1972 #20650]
Book 1879 Cunningham, Sir Alexander The Stupa of Bharhut [Cunningham, 1879 #20658]
Book 1996 Chihara, Daigoro Hindu-Buddhist architecture in Southeast Asia [Chihara, 1996 #20687]
Book 1969 Chaudhury, Binayendra Nath Buddhist centres in ancient India [Chaudhury, 1969 #20690]
Book 1987 Yang Sam Khmer Buddhism and politics from 1954 to 1984 [Yang 1987 #20840]
Book 1981 Ḍusun, Mpu Kuñjarakarṇa dharmakathana : liberation through the law of the Buddha : an Old Javanese poem Bibliotheca Indonesica [Ḍusun, 1981 #20843]