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Book Section 2016 Dussubieux, Laure Potash glass: a view from South and Southeast Asia Recent progress of scientific research on ancient glass and glaze [Dussubieux, 2016 #22333]
Book Section 1991 Will, E. L. The Mediterranean shipping amphoras from Arikamedu Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Will, 1991 #23586]
Journal Article 1958 Lal, B. B. Examination of rods of glass-like material from Arikamedu Ancient India [Lal, 1958 #29418]
Journal Article 1988 Gwinnett, A. J. A possible lapidary training piece from Arikamedu Archaeomaterials [Gwinnett, 1988 #29615]
Journal Article 1982 Francis, Peter, Jr. Some observations on the glass beads of Arikamedu Revue Historique du Pondicherry [Francis, 1982 #29710]
Book 1987 Francis, Peter, Jr. Bead emporium: a guide to the beads from Arikamedu in the Pondicherry Museum [Francis, 1987 #20581]
Book Section 1991 Comfort, H. Terra sigillata at Arikamedu Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Comfort, 1991 #23882]
Book 1949 Casal, Jean Marie Fouilles de Virampatnam-Arikamedu: rapport de l'Inde et de l'Occident aux environs de l'ère chrétienne [Casal, 1949 #20710]
Book (Edited) 1995 Boussan, Marie-Françoise Athens, Aden, Arikamedu: essays on the interrelations between India, Arabia, and the Eastern Mediterranean [Boussan, 1995 #21518]
Journal Article 1988 Begley, Vemala Rouletted ware at Arikamedu: a new approach American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1988 #29958]
Journal Article 1996 Begley, Vemala New investigations at the port of Arikamedu Journal of Roman Archaeology [Begley, 1996 #29957]
Book 1993 Begley, Vemala The ancient port of Arikamedu: new excavations and researches, 1989-1992 [Begley, 1993 #20753]
Journal Article 1983 Begley, Vemala Arikamedu reconsidered American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1983 #29960]
Journal Article 1991 Francis, Peter, Jr. Beadmaking at Arikamedu and beyond World Archaeology [Francis, 1991 #31787]