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Journal Article 1990 Bellwood, Peter Foraging towards farming: a decisive transition or a millennial blur? Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1990 #29955]
Journal Article 1994 Bellwood, Peter Colonizing the limits Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1994 #30224]
Journal Article 1997 Bellwood, Peter Taiwan and the prehistory of the Austronesian-speaking peoples Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1997 #30220]
Journal Article 2003 Spriggs, Matthew Chronology of the Neolithic transition in island Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific: a view from 2003 Review of Archaeology [Spriggs, 2003 #31247]
Journal Article 1992 Bellwood, Peter Early Burmese urbanisation: inspired independence or external stimulus?, review of "The ancient Pyu of Burma.volume 1: early Pyu cities in a man-made landscape" Review of Archaeology [Bellwood, 1992 #35257]