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Journal Article 2022 Petchey, Fiona Dating Thach Lac: Cryptic CaCO3 diagenesis in archaeological food shells and implications for 14C Radiocarbon [Petchey, 2022 #37097]
Journal Article 1969 Agrawal, D.P. Tata Institute radiocarbon date list VII Radiocarbon [Agrawal, 1969 #26619]
Journal Article 2018 Marriner, Gary P. New dates for old kilns: a revised radiocarbon chronology of stoneware production for Angkorian Cambodia Radiocarbon [Marriner, 2018 #26717]
Journal Article 1972 Delibrias, G. Gif natural radiocarbon measurements VII Radiocarbon [Delibrias, 1972 #26900]
Journal Article 1974 Delibrias, G. Gif natural radiocarbon measurements VIII Radiocarbon [Delibrias, 1974 #26899]
Journal Article 1965 Delibrias, G. Saclay natural radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Delibrias, 1965 #26898]
Journal Article 1966 Thommeret, J. Monaco radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Thommeret, 1966 #26897]
Journal Article 1973 Evin, J. Lyon natural radiocarbon measurements III Radiocarbon [Evin, 1973 #26901]
Journal Article 2013 Minami, M. Ultrafiltration pretreatment for <sup>14</sup>C dating of fossil bones from archaeological sites in Japan Radiocarbon [Minami, 2013 #27760]
Journal Article 1973 Thommeret, J. Monaco radiocarbon measurements IV Radiocarbon [Thommeret, 1973 #27956]
Journal Article 1960 Barker, H. British Museum natural radiocarbon measurements II Radiocarbon [Barker, 1960 #27955]
Journal Article 1977 Burleigh, Richard British Museum natural radiocarbon measurements IX Radiocarbon [Burleigh, 1977 #27954]
Journal Article 2007 Brock, Fiona Quality assurance of ultrafiltered bone dating Radiocarbon [Brock, 2007 #28014]
Journal Article 2014 Busschers, F. S. Radiocarbon dating of late Pleistocene marine shells from the southern North Sea Radiocarbon [Busschers, 2014 #28013]
Journal Article 2013 Fiedel, Stuart J. Assessment of interlaboratory pretreatment protocols by radiocarbon dating an elk bone found below Laacher See Tephira at Miesenheim IV (Rhineland, Germany) Radiocarbon [Fiedel, 2013 #28012]
Journal Article 2013 Hendrickson, Mitch Using in-slag charcoal as an indicator of "terminal" iron production within the Angkorian period (10th-13th centuries AD) center of Preah Khan of Kompang Svay, Cambodia Radiocarbon [Hendrickson, 2013 #28240]
Journal Article 2012 Beavan, Nancy Radiocarbon dates from jar and coffin burials of the Cardamom mountains reveal a unique mortuary ritual in Cambodia's late- to post-Angkor period (15th-17th centuries AD) Radiocarbon [Beavan, 2012 #28261]
Journal Article 2009 Reimer, P. J. IntCal09 and Marine09 radiocarbon age calibration curves, 0-50,000 years cal BP Radiocarbon [Reimer, 2009 #28336]
Journal Article 1963 Vogel, J. C. Groningen radiocarbon dates Radiocarbon [Vogel, 1963 #28482]
Journal Article 1999 Bird, M. I. Radiocarbon dating of "old" charcoal using a wet oxidation, stepped-combustion procedure Radiocarbon [Bird, 1999 #28534]
Journal Article 1986 Stuiver, Minze High-precision calibration of the radiocarbon time scale, AD 1950-500 BC Radiocarbon [Stuiver, 1986 #29390]
Journal Article 1992 Hedges, R. E. M. Results and methods in the radiocarbon dating of pottery Radiocarbon [Hedges, 1992 #30044]
Journal Article 2004 Reimer, Paula J. IntCal04 Terrestrial Radiocarbon Age Calibration, 0–26 Cal Kyr BP Radiocarbon [Reimer, 2004 #30045]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard K. A 30,000-year pollen and radiocarbon record from highland Sumatra as evidence for climatic change Radiocarbon [Maloney, 1995 #31239]
Journal Article 1968 Bender, Margaret M. Mass spectrometric studies of carbon 13 variation in corn and other grasses Radiocarbon [Bender, 1968 #34791]
Journal Article 1968 Agrawal, D. P. Tata Institute date list V Radiocarbon [Agrawal, 1968 #35318]
Journal Article 1971 Daugherty, S. J. Florida State University radiocarbon dates IV Radiocarbon [Daugherty, 1971 #35301]
Journal Article 1969 Stuiver, Minze Yale natural radiocarbon measurements IX Radiocarbon [Stuiver, 1969 #35268]
Journal Article 1973 Tauber, Henrik Copenhagen radiocarbon dates X Radiocarbon [Tauber, 1973 #35267]
Journal Article 1977 Yamasaki, Fumio RIKEN natural radiocarbon measurements IX Radiocarbon [Yamasaki, 1977 #35263]