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Journal Article 2016 Wei Huang, Multi-scale Holocene Asian monsoon variability deduced from a twin-stalagmite record in southwestern China Quaternary Research [Wei 2016 #27626]
Journal Article 2008 Zhou, Houyun Distinct climate change synchronous with Heinrich event one, recorded by stable oxygen and carbon isotopic compositions in stalagmites from China Quaternary Research [Zhou, 2008 #28574]
Journal Article 1987 Martinson, D. G. Age dating and orbital theory of the Ice Ages: development of a high resolution 0-300 000-year chronostratigraphy Quaternary Research [Martinson, 1987 #28695]
Journal Article 2010 Zhen, Li Palynological records of Holocene monsoon change from the Gulf of Tonkin (Beibuwan), northwestern South China Sea Quaternary Research [Zhen, 2010 #28857]
Journal Article 2005 Liu, Khifei Late Quaternary climatic control on erosion and weathering in the eastern Tibetan Plateau and the Mekong Basin Quaternary Research [Liu, 2005 #28850]
Journal Article 2009 Dodson, J. Early bronze in two Holocene archaeological sites in Gansu, NW China Quaternary Research [Dodson, 2009 #29048]
Journal Article 2005 An, Cheng-Bang Climate change and cultural response around 4000 cal yr B.P. in the western part of Chinese Loess Plateau Quaternary Research [An, 2005 #30569]
Journal Article 2004 Mayewski, Paul A. Holocene climate variability Quaternary Research [Mayewski, 2004 #30599]
Journal Article 2004 Weijian Zhou, High-resolution evidence from southern China of an early Holocene optimum and a mid-Holocene dry event during the past 18,000 years Quaternary Research [Weijian 2004 #30680]
Journal Article 2004 Thorn, Vanessa C. Phytolith evidence for C4-dominated grassland since the early Holocene at Long Pocket, northeast Queensland, Australia Quaternary Research [Thorn, 2004 #30689]
Journal Article 2004 He, Y. Asynchronous Holocene climate change across China Quaternary Research [He, 2004 #31236]
Journal Article 2003 Plagnes, Valerie Cross dating (Th/U-14C) of calcite covering prehistoric paintings in Borneo Quaternary Research [Plagnes, 2003 #31665]
Journal Article 2003 Stock, Jonathan Paleohydrology of arid southeastern Maui, Hawaiian Islands, and its implications for prehistoric human settlement Quaternary Research [Stock, 2003 #32506]
Journal Article 1987 Burney, D. A. Late Quaternary stratigraphic charcoal records from Madagascar Quaternary Research [Burney, 1987 #33681]
Journal Article 2001 Maxwell, Andrew Lee Holocene monsoon changes inferred from lake sediment pollen and carbonate records, northeastern Cambodia Quaternary Research [Maxwell, 2001 #33703]
Journal Article 1989 Ambrose, Stanley H. Climate and habitat reconstruction using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of collagen in prehistoric herbivore teeth from Kenya Quaternary Research [Ambrose, 1989 #34805]
Journal Article 1974 Bloom, A. L. Quaternary sea level fluctuations on a tectonic coast: New \+30\+TH/\+234\+Udates from the Huon Peninsula, New Guinea Quaternary Research [Bloom, 1974 #35256]
Journal Article 1974 Chappell, J. Late Quaternary glacio- and hydro-isostasy, on a layered earth Quaternary Research [Chappell, 1974 #35250]
Journal Article 1975 Johnson, David A. Absolute ages of Quaternary radiolarian datum levels in the equatorial Pacific Quaternary Research [Johnson, 1975 #35236]
Journal Article 1992 Liu, K. Environmental change in the Yangtze River Delta since 12,000 years B.P Quaternary Research [Liu, 1992 #35682]
Journal Article 1980 Prell, Warren L. Surface circulation of the Indian Ocean during the last glacial maximum, approximately 18,000 yr. B.P Quaternary Research [Prell, 1980 #35660]
Journal Article 1986 van Campo, E. Monsoon fluctuations in two 20,000 year BP oxygen-isotope/pollen records off southwest India Quaternary Research [van 1986 #35657]
Journal Article 1972 Tija, H. D. Radiocarbon dates of elevated shorelines, Indonesia and Malaysia, part 1 Quaternary Research [Tija, 1972 #35927]