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Journal Article 2012 Dikshit, K. N. The earliest pottery in East Asia: a review Puratattva [Dikshit, 2012 #28350]
Journal Article 1982 Varma, Radhakant The mesolithic cultures of India Puratattva [Varma, 1982 #28720]
Journal Article Singh, Ravindra N. The antiquity of gold-glasses in India Puratattva [Singh, #28754]
Journal Article 2000 Sharma, D. V. Harappan jewellery hoard from Mandi Puratattva [Sharma, 2000 #28791]
Journal Article 1989 Roux, V. Knapping technique and craft specialization: an ethnoarchaeological investigation in Gujarat Puratattva [Roux, 1989 #28885]
Journal Article 1981 Lal, B. B. Sringaverapura: a key site for the protohistory and early history of the Central Ganga Valley Puratattva [Lal, 1981 #29408]
Journal Article 1982 Hassan, Jamal The distribution and types of beads in the Gangeatic Valley Puratattva [Hassan, 1982 #29579]
Journal Article 1969 Bhardwaj, H. C. Copper red glasses through the ages Puratattva [Bhardwaj, 1969 #29943]
Journal Article 1967 Bhardawaj, H. C. A note on the composition of some glass beads from Rajghat, Varanasi Puratattva [Bhardawaj, 1967 #29942]
Journal Article Gupta, Sunil From eastern Indian Ocean to the Yellow Sea interaction sphere: Indo-Pacific beads in Yayoi Japan Puratattva [Gupta, #34403]
Journal Article Ansari, Shahida Small game hunting Musahars: an ethnoarchaeological approach Puratattva [Ansari, #34402]
Journal Article Chattopadhyay, Pranab K. Copper objects from Dihor: archaeotechnical studies Puratattva [Chattopadhyay, #34401]