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Journal Article 2004 Sagart, Laurent The higher phylogeny of Austronesian and the position of Tai-Kadai Oceanic Linguistics [Sagart, 2004 #28625]
Journal Article 1983 Blust, Robert More on the position of the languages of Eastern Indonesia Oceanic Linguistics [Blust, 1983 #29930]
Journal Article 1993 Blust, R. Central and Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Oceanic Linguistics [Blust, 1993 #29939]
Journal Article 1994 Bellwood, Peter An archaeologist's view of language macrofamily relationships Oceanic Linguistics [Bellwood, 1994 #30225]
Journal Article 1973 Pawley, Andrew Dating the dispersal of the Oceanic languages Oceanic Linguistics [Pawley, 1973 #33894]
Journal Article 1994 Pietrusewsky, Michael Pacific-Asian relationships: a physical anthropological perspective Oceanic Linguistics [Pietrusewsky, 1994 #34554]