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Journal Article 1870 Evans, J. Stone Implements from Burma Nature [Evans, 1870 #37251]
Journal Article 2021 Carlhoff, Selina Genome of a middle Holocene hunter-gatherer from Wallacea Nature [Carlhoff, 2021 #37106]
Journal Article 2020 Louys, Julien Environmental drivers of megafauna and hominid extinction in Southeast Asia Nature [Louys, 2020 #36831]
Journal Article 2020 Rizal, Yan Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong, Java, 117,000-108,000 years ago Nature [Rizal, 2020 #19021]
Journal Article 2019 Aubert, Maxime Earliest hunting scene in prehistoric art Nature [Aubert, 2019 #19009]
Journal Article 1997 Cerling, Thure E. Global vegetation change through the Miocene/Pliocene boundary Nature [Cerling, 1997 #26614]
Journal Article 2019 Détroit, Florent A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines Nature [Détroit, 2019 #26662]
Journal Article 2018 Hu, Yue Late Middle Pleistocene Levallois stone-tool technology in southwest China Nature [Hu, 2018 #26701]
Journal Article 2018 Aubert, M. Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo Nature [Aubert, 2018 #26702]
Journal Article 2018 Ingicco, T. Earliest known hominin activity in the Philippines by 709 thousand years ago Nature [Ingicco, 2018 #26710]
Journal Article 2014 Aubert, M. Pleistocene cave art from Sulawesi, Indonesia Nature [Aubert, 2014 #27650]
Journal Article 2003 Visser, K. Magnitude and timing of temperature change in the Indo-Pacific warm pool during deglaciation Nature [Visser, 2003 #27684]
Journal Article 2016 van den Bergh, Gerrit D. Earliest hominin occupation of Sulawesi, Indonesia Nature [van 2016 #27764]
Journal Article 2010 Krause, J. The complete mitochondrial DNA genome of an unknown hominin from southern Siberia Nature [Krause, 2010 #27797]
Journal Article 1979 Şengör, A. M. Celâl Mid-Mesozoic closure of Permo-Triassic tethys and its implications Nature [Şengör, 1979 #28396]
Journal Article 1990 Tapponnier, P. The Ailao Shan/Red River metamorphic belt: tertiary left-lateral shear between Indochina and South China Nature [Tapponnier, 1990 #28391]
Journal Article 1971 Ridd, M. F. South-East Asia as a part of Gondwanaland Nature [Ridd, 1971 #28397]
Journal Article 2005 Morwood, M. J, Further evidence for small-bodied hominins from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia Nature [Morwood, 2005 #28494]
Journal Article 2006 Brumm, Adam Early stone technology on Flores and its implication for <i>Homo floresiensis</i> Nature [Brumm, 2006 #28531]
Journal Article 2007 Partin, Judson W. Millennial-scale trends in west Pacific warm pool hydrology since the Last Glacial Maximum Nature [Partin, 2007 #28584]
Journal Article 2009 Purugganan, Michael D. The nature of selection during plant domestication Nature [Purugganan, 2009 #28621]
Journal Article 2008 Wang, Yongjin Millennial- and orbital-scale changes in the East Asian monsoon over the past 224,000 years Nature [Wang, 2008 #28696]
Journal Article 1972 Thorne, A. G. Discoveries of late Pleistocene man at Kow Swamp, Australia Nature [Thorne, 1972 #28736]
Journal Article 1936 Seligman, C. G. Early Chinese glass from pre-Han to T'ang times Nature [Seligman, 1936 #28819]
Journal Article 2007 Yancheva, Gergana Influence of the intertropical convergence zone on the East Asian monsoon Nature [Yancheva, 2007 #28873]
Journal Article 1990 Roberts, Richard G. Thermoluminescence dating of a 50,000 year-old human occupation site in northern Australia Nature [Roberts, 1990 #28889]
Journal Article 1992 Li Tianyuan, New Middle Pleistocene hominid crania from Yunxian in China Nature [Li 1992 #29376]
Journal Article 1985 Fallick, A. E. Origin of agates in volcanic rocks from Scotland Nature [Fallick, 1985 #29750]
Journal Article 1994 Chen Tiemei, Antiquity of Homo sapiens in China Nature [Chen 1994 #29889]
Journal Article 1987 Cann, Rebecca L. Mitochondrial DNA and human evolution Nature [Cann, 1987 #29912]