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Journal Article 1979 Abraham, S. K. A preliminary assessment of possible mutagenicity of betel nut and ingredients of the betel quid when administered alone or in combinations to larvae of Drosophila melanogaster Mutation Research [Abraham, 1979 #35022]
Journal Article 1981 Stich, H. F. Potentiation of genotoxicity by concurrent application of compounds found in betel quid: arecoline, eugenol, quercetin, chlorogenic acid and Mn2+ Mutation Research [Stich, 1981 #35032]
Journal Article 1982 Panigrahi, G. B. Chromosome-breaking ability of arecoline, a major betel-nut alkaloid in mouse bone-marrow cells in vivo Mutation Research [Panigrahi, 1982 #35102]
Journal Article 1984 Rosin, M. P. The influence of pH on the convertogenic activity of plant phenolics Mutation Research [Rosin, 1984 #35123]
Journal Article 1985 Sinha, A. Transplacental micronucleus inducing ability of arecoline, a betel nut alkaloid, in mice Mutation Research [Sinha, 1985 #35044]
Journal Article 1985 Sinha, A. Induction of shape abnormality and unscheduled DNA synthesis by arecoline in the germ cells of mice Mutation Research [Sinha, 1985 #35045]
Journal Article 1989 Stich, H. F. The involvement of reactive oxygen species in oral cancers of betel quid/tobacco chewers Mutation Research [Stich, 1989 #35040]
Journal Article 1991 Adhvaryu, S. G. Cytogenetic surveillance of tobacco-areca nut (mava) chewers, including patients with oral cancers and premalignant conditions Mutation Research [Adhvaryu, 1991 #34986]
Journal Article 1992 Sharan, R. N. Study of unscheduled DNA synthesis following exposure of human cells to arecoline and extracts of betel nut in vitro Mutation Research [Sharan, 1992 #35054]
Journal Article 1996 Liu, T. Y. Oxidative damage to DNA induced by areca nut extract Mutation Research [Liu, 1996 #34944]