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Journal Article 1983 Cohen, Paul T. A Bodhisattva on horseback: Buddhist ethics and pragmatism in northern Thailand Mankind [Cohen, 1983 #27912]
Journal Article 1984 Irvine, Walter Decline of village spirit cults and growth of urban spirit mediumship: the persistence of spirit beliefs, the position of women and modernization Mankind [Irvine, 1984 #28692]
Journal Article 1984 Rajah, Ananda 'Au' ma xae: domestic ritual and the ideology of kinship among the Sgaw Karen of Palokhi, Northern Thailand Mankind [Rajah, 1984 #30332]
Journal Article 1978 Leach, B. Foss Four centuries of community interaction and trade in Cook Strait, New Zealand Mankind [Leach, 1978 #33827]
Journal Article 1979 Hale, Ann A reassessment of northern Thai matrilineages Mankind [Hale, 1979 #35242]
Journal Article 1978 White, J. Peter Acquirers, users, finders, losers: the use axe blades make of the duna Mankind [White, 1978 #35147]